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30 May 2020


I am thinking of investing a sum of money monthly, but I am not sure where I should start. What are some recommendations for me to start investing?

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I would recommend investing 50% in a market portfolio like S&P500 ETF as it historically yields 10% return and has a general upward trend. Another 50% can be other individual stocks that you like and see a potential of 10% return. Diversification is always important. There is no reward for bearing unnecessary risks. 

Accumulate once every 3 months and put it into a S&P 500 ETF quarterly! The historical returns are 10% and I would say it is much better than saving bonds​​.

Look into investing in S&P 500 ETFs. If you are young, compound interest would work greatly in your favour if you invest in it regularly and realise your earnings 30-40 yrs later. Think far ahead :)

Pang Zhe Liang

Pang Zhe Liang

06 Dec 2019

Senior Financial Services Consultant at AIA Singapore Private Limited

Before you start investing, it will be best to understand your objective. Here are some questions to help you:

  1. What is your capital?

  2. How will you want to invest your capital? E.g. lump sum or an amount on a regular basis

  3. How long will you want to stay invested? E.g. 10 years

  4. What is your risk appetite? E.g. How do you feel about short-term volatility?

  5. What is your objective for investing?

By understanding yourself, you will be able to determine the type of assets that suits you. Speak with a profesional when in need to gain insights on how to grow your wewalth.

Here is everything about me and what I do best.

Paridhi Jhunjhunwala

Paridhi Jhunjhunwala

06 Dec 2019

Associate at Kristal.AI


The first thing to secure is an emergency fund. This should contain expenses of about 4-6 months. Also, consider covering yourself with insurance. Once all of these are secured, the excess amount can be used for investing.

As someone who is new to investing, starting out on your own can be overwhelming. You can make use of a robo-advisor to help you in making investment decisions. One of the strategies that you can start with is the All Weather strategy. This enables investors to get stable returns throughout the economic cycle by creating a portfolio of diverse asset classes.

You can read more about the strategy here.

I work at kristal.AI, and it's my passion to evaluate various upcoming investment opportunities.

Wong Ming Yao

Wong Ming Yao

04 Dec 2019

Product and Community Associate at 8VIC Global Pte Ltd


1) If you have a sum of money, firstly set aside an emergency fund for rainy days.

2) make sur...

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