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I am 25 years old. Here's my net worth so far in terms of investments and savings, what can I do with the rest of my money?

So far, I have:

  • Endowment plan, $200 a month
  • Critical illness, $200 a month
  • Hospitalisation plan
  • Investments in astrea VI and Netlink: $11,000
  • Random stock picking and robos: $2,000
  • Salary is $4,000
  • Spend around $800 a month
  • Saves the rest
  • Savings sitting in bank: $70,000 (need to do something about this)

planning to BTO with my partner in the next few years. What can I do with the rest of my money? What other investments should I do? Should I try to be a CPF millionaire instead? I have not dabbled in crypto and I'm not sure if I should start because I'm a bit risk adverse. If you suggest ETF, which ETF to put in?

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What are your thoughts?

I'll split between US equity,ETF/robo for growth and Fixed income unit trust for cashflow. 70-30 allocation.

If your spouse willing to split with u the BTO around $50k should be sufficient.

CPF millionaire? Unless you ok to retire at 55. Else no. Use CPF for housing.

If invest in sg property the profit is in cash, if invest in stock using CPF, profit back to CPF and wait till 55. Of course property will have more work to do, but more $$$ becoz of bank leverage.

May I ask what is the endowment plan for and do you have plans to use the cash in bank for your flat?

if you need the cash and endowment for downpayment of flat or for emergency use, better to leave it in lower risk like FD, endowments or money market funds.

if you have already set aside other money for that, the 70k can consider to partly increase exposure in robos or a low cost broad base ETF. since you are risk adverse, S&P500 or MSCI world index ETF will be more suitable. but you need to look long term because these ETFs will confirm guarantee crash at some point in time.

i don't know what do you mean by "try" to be CPF millionaire "instead". you can have have both CPF and continue invest spare cash. it is not exclusive.

looking at your salary and age (you are earning double and have 100x more networth than what I had), continue to work and you will likely to accumulate a lot in your CPF at retirement. my own projection is 500k at 65, without doing additional topups or what not. you should be able to reach 1 mil.

hope this helps

Ngooi Zhi Cheng

Ngooi Zhi Cheng

16 Sep 2021

Level 8·Student Ambassador 2020/21 at Seedly

Based on what you have roughly mentioned, a good way to dabble is potentiall ETFs, however Robos may...

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