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Shania Loh

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24 Aug 2020



How would the US election results this coming November affect the global economy and US stock market?

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Runing for election this Nov 2020:

Biden Democrat vs Trump Republican

If we look at the Fox News poll back in July where Biden scored an 11-point lead over Trump, we can also notice that the S&P 500 has not fallen; not the sort of reaction one would expect if investors were terrified of Biden becoming president. It is also worth noting that the market is forward-looking and would have already taking into account of the sentiment.

Trump, during his presidency, has been inciting tensions between countries with his toxic foreign policies, trade deals and not-so-diplomatic approach towards issues (Twitter). In addition, his failure in managing the COVID pandemic has put a dent on his reliabily and any candidate at this point, can seem to be a better option.
Strategists at JPM wrote that Biden's proposed policies including infrastructure spending, softening of tariffs, and higher wages can offset coporate tax headwinds. It was also pointed out that "a more diplomatic apporach to domestic/foreign policy approach will likely result in lower equity volatility and risk premia".

As long-term investors, we should stick to our investment plans and not be swayed by the temporary market movements. As uni students, we can keep an eye out for future policies that may affect local/overseas opportunities or travel.


19 Aug 2020

Youtuber at Google (Channel : Say Do Invest)

I think during that day it would be volatile..

There are products out there that tracks the volality.

Ticker : UVXY / VXX

Those are ETN , exchange traded notes. When volatility spikes, these products gains. But most of the time its a downward trend.

Its a spec play of course. Spec play cannot be more than 5% of your overall portfolio thats the rule :)

Nobody knows where the stock market will go to. But during presidential election year, its usual volatile. Except the obama times.

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