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07 Jun 2019

How to be a successful carouseller on Carousell?


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    07 Jun 2019

    Level 12·Undergraduate at National University of Singapore

    I've done dropshipping on Carousell before but stopped when I went abroad to Ho Chi Minh City to do my 6 months internship as part of my school curriculum and GEIP last year. Based on my experience, here are a few tips which worked for me but may or may not work for you.

    1) Before-sales & after-sales service

    For before-sales, answer any enquires that your customers have even if you feel that some of their questions might be a no-brainer/common sense. As for after-sales, should they encounter any issues with using/setting up the product, assist them by providing instructions. If the product is faulty, be responsible and either provide a refund or exchange of the product. Some sellers just leave their customers hanging when they encounter issues after completing the transaction and earning their profit.

    E.g. In my case, I sold a Xiaomi Mijia 360 720p IP Camera and indicated the specifications in the product listing. Some customers might ask me questions that can be found in the description but I'll still reply them politely. After purchasing the product, I sent over the instructions for setting up the IP camera and if it doesn't work, I'll try to diagnose the issue and resolve it accordingly.

    2) Know your stuff

    Know what you're selling so that you can answer your customer's questions with confidence. This builds trust in a way too as it shows that you know your stuff. If you do not know how to reply your customer's enquiries, they would usually purchase from another seller instead.

    3) Delivery lead time

    From the minute your customer places an order, try to ship the item out as soon as possible the reduce the lead time which is the waiting time from the minute they place their order to the time their receive their purchase. Many customers do not like to wait and want their item to be delivered as soon as possible. Also, try to provide proof of shipping before sending out the item. For normal mail through Singpost (letterbox), take a photo of the envelope before mailing it out. For registered mail, provide customers with the tracking number. As an added gesture, I'll usually update my customers on which day their order will be delivered by checking on the tracking website.

    4) Odd-even pricing

    I learnt about this from my Principles of Marketing module as part of my Business Information Technology Diploma course in Ngee Ann Poly and used it for my product listings. This refers to setting the prices of the items that you are selling to odd numbers. It is said that it is a psychological method as it will appeal to customers/buyers even more. In fact, many businesses and retailers adopt this pricing method like Cotton On. E.g. $9.90, $19.90

    5) Discount pricing

    When customers purchase more quantities, give them a discount. E.g. 1 for $9.90, 2 for $18. But of course, ensure that you still have a positive profit margin after giving the discount. Also, since (usually) there are many other people selling the same item as you, try to match to your competitor's pricing and reduce it by a little (can be as low as $1) so that they will choose to buy it from you over your competitor(s).

    6) Repost listing every 2 weeks

    Product listings get "pushed down" after some time, so customers usually see the newer listings and might not chance upon your product listing since there are many other people selling the same things as you. Therefore, I tend to repost my product listings every 2 weeks so that it will get bumped back to the top when customers search for the product. Now, Carousell has introuduced Bumps which will bump your product listing up. But of course, you need to purchase it, using Carousell Coins (I think). So if you wish to keep costs low/free, just stick to reposting. Check out this feature here - https://blog.carousell.com/carousell-bumps/

    Wishing you all the best and hope you'll generate lots of sales!




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      1) always be honest about your item

      2) charge reasonably and be open for slight negotiations - makes buying/selling more lighthearted

      3) be active in responding to queries and offers, even if the price is not right, it’d be good to reply with a ”no, thank you”

      4) be on time for meetups / mail item out dutifully


      1) Don’t be a lowballer

      2) ask only if you have a keen interest in the item, or make sure to let seller know if you are no longer interested

      3) be on time for meetups

      4) always communicate with seller

      5) exchange reviews if you had a good experience

      6) give constructive feedback (instead of bashing) if you had a less-than-satisfactory experience

      I’ve not had a bad experience on Carousell or buying/selling online for that matter, and I hope the same for you too!




        HC Tang

        HC Tang

        13 Oct 2018

        Level 13·Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society

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