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07 Jun 2019


How much does it cost to lead an instagramable life?

I ask because every time I scroll through Instagram, my female friends(and some guy friends even) seem to be living the life OR showing it off at least... It makes me wonder how they can maintain such lifestyles financially. How much $$$ does it take?

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I was wondering that as well. Two pieces of news (separate issues but both concerning instagrammers/influencers came out recently, that could offer a glimpse into how some may operate:

1. Rely on sponsorships for products/experiences that show off an enviable lifestyle?


In short, a local instagrammer put out a.. 'Call for Proposals' if you will, where gyms could train her for free, be allowed to put the training shots on their social media AND pay her $3,000 for everything. In exchange for a minimum of 36 sessions, she planned to promote the gym and her trainer on her social media platforms. However, on top of the personal training, she also asked for S$3,000 to be paid ahead of the collaboration.

2. They can sometimes even earn money from the products that they are gifted?


To quote:

Elaine replied, “To be honest, my closet is exploding to the point where each time I open my cupboard, a mountain of clothes will crash onto the floor.”

In another Instastory later that day, she wrote, “Most of these clothes it’s not cause sic I don’t like them but it’s because my cupboard really has not sic space and more new clothes are coming in every week  "☹"…”

The very next day, Elaine began reselling her extra clothes on another Instagram profile of hers, @prelovedbyelaineruimin; over the course of four days, she sold 74 items of clothing to her followers. Just last week, Michelle Tan (@mirchelley) also got rid of her extra clothes by selling “grab bags” of three pieces of clothing for $55 per bag to her 146K followers.

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There's really no need to envy people leading instagrammable lifestyle. What you see on the feed may not be real deal. Some of the igers have curated their gallery which is why you are always seeing the nicest and best stuff.

While what I posted on my feed are mostly food that I eat with my friends, stuff that I experienced myself or sponsored; I do encounter strangers coming over to my table, asking permission to take pic of our instagrammable food just for their feed. Some people actually borrow luxury items from family and friends to pose for a shot, but these are never in their possession. And sometimes, some of the sponsored items are only "on loan" for the period of review, and this is something you won't know and they won't tell...

P/S: Sometimes we go cafe with friends and each may order differently, we may take different shots of inidividual dish, or a table full of dishes, the cafe setting, etc. You probably won't realise that you are seeing 5 separate posts where photos all taken during that 1 particular cafe visit! ;)

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Jeff Yeo

07 Jun 2019

amateur Social contributor at School of social sharing

300ish to thousands depending on the content you are curating for your social media platforms

  • travel
  • food
  • clothes
  • good cameras + lens
  • lighting
  • filters for editing pictures
  • Video editing software
  • paying to bump up more visibility on platforms
  • website hosting
  • domain name hosting

Not counting the number of hours to write an article, edit pictures and videos.

Sure you might get invites to tastings and events but you still need to create a wider scope of content.

I am a part time writer on a blog so it’s not all glitzy and glamour. It does take time,effort and cost to execute.

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Kenichi Xi

07 Jun 2019

nᴉʍ oʇ dǝnᴉʇsǝd 不能说的秘密 at Tag Team with Gabriel Tham

Being an IG guy,

  1. u really have to spend on cafes for igworthy food pictures
  2. roof top drinking experiences
  3. mbs clubbing experiences
  4. JJ alike concert experiences
  5. staycation experiences
  6. travelling experiences

all the 6pts does not include branded items like watches and sport cars for show off.

Being a lady,
if they are attractive enough, they will save alot for all 6pts from suitors to Friends w...

if she is an independent lady, then getting sponsorship is important to save on the pocket.

All in All, is nice to get ppl to envy you but if u chalk up debts or you are selling ur physical soul which might result in sickness then is really not worth it.

I told many ppl before the KEY TO HAPPINESS is to never compare.

You can never get a guy who drive Lambo to drive a BMW or Toyota.

The chase for fame and pride will destory tt indivdual if they really dun have the substances.

By being able to buy Loves one a nice meal, bring them to nice places, spend quality times with them is even better then all the 6pts mentioned.

if u dun believe, u can check out my IG from my profile page here.

Hope my reply helps.

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Thank you.

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it really depends haha. If you're sponsored then you wouldn't have to spend much. also depends on wh...

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