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Gabriel Tham

Tag Team Member at Kenichi Tag Team

19 Jan 2020



How do you view forex risk in overseas stock investments?

What are these risks and how do you mitigate them?

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19 Jan 2020

Development & Acquisitions Manager at Real Estate Private Equity

I think its too mentally draining if one has to monitor Forex risk and movement in share prices. I would think the spread of exchange rates in broker firms are rather minute and wouldn't affect the cost price of my stock as compared to the volatility of the stock price itself.

Trade in more stable currency and avoid markets like indonesia, india, austrilia to name a few. Their currency are struggling to hold their levels.

Cant really do anything about it. The only ways is just invest in local stocks.

Bjorn Ng

09 Dec 2019

Business Analyst at 10x Capital

Doesn't actually bother me, as in a way this is part and parcel of overseas stock investing. However I'm just focused on the business I invested in that in the long term, that I know the currency fluctuations will not make much difference to its growth potential.

Part and parcel of investing. Buy low, sell high can become buy high, sell low because of forex.


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