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16 Sep 2020


How do I begin investing on REITS?

Totally new to real estate

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  1. Be willing to keep yourself updated with the ever-changing REIT market.

  2. Start small, invest in small amount and see how it pans out for you

  3. Diversify!

Jason Sing

16 Sep 2018

School Of Hard Knocks And Life at School Of Hard Knocks And Life

Open a brokerage account and a CDP account. Do your homework before investing in REITS.

Jay Liu

16 Sep 2018

Accounting and Finance at ACCA

If you're starting small, you can open an prefunded account with Maybank and do RSP of a REITS offered there. Pretty much REIT to choose from but do your homework.

Jeff Yeo

16 Sep 2018

amateur Social contributor at School of social sharing

  • Open brokage account
  • open a CDP account
  • buy on the Singapore stock exchange

look into things like a REIT ETF or buy into different companies

Mm perhaps some basic understanding first. Reits pay out 90% or more of the income as distribution, ...

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