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17 Aug 2020


Saving Hacks

Hoolah vs Split vs Jungle vs Rely: Which pay later provider is better and lower interest fees?

Unlike payment methods like GrabPay, FavePay, etc, this allows:

  • Debit card users to pay via installments
  • Credit card users to maximise their credit limit

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What are your thoughts?

Any idea what the transaction fees for merchants using Hoolah, Rely and Atome?


Alexandria T.

02 Jul 2020

Media and Communications at Queensland University of Technology

Hmmm I think when choosing a pay later provider, things to take note of are:

  1. Reliability & Credibility: You are handing your financial information over to them

  2. User Interface: Is the checkout/ purchasing experience seamless and user friendly

  3. Customer Service: Do they respond fast and without delay?

  4. Partners: How vast is their store directory? Are there options to choose from

So far, I've used a few payment providers and the one I have stuck with is actually hoolah.

Split is alright to use, the majority of their stores are based in MY while I am based in SG so that is inconvenient, and their store directory does not offer many options. So I find that using it can limit me and my purchases.

Likewise with rely, their store options are rather limited so it does get a little boring but the checkout experience is pleasant and fast so that's good.

However, for hoolah, I've been using them for some time and it's been fuss free and seamless. Quite easy to make purchases cause all you have to do is select hoolah on the brand website when you checkout. Also their customer support is relatively fast and their store directory is quite large, which is why I've stuck with them for some time​​​

Ive tried Hoolah to buy a headset from Sennheiser before and it was also my first time using the pay...

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