facebookHi just want to inquire, should I accept the offer from SUSS(4 years part time programme in finance) or SIM GE -RMIT (2.5 years in Econs and Finance) ? - Seedly


27 Sep 2020


Hi just want to inquire, should I accept the offer from SUSS(4 years part time programme in finance) or SIM GE -RMIT (2.5 years in Econs and Finance) ?

To know more about people's opinions between these 2 choices and how it affects your future if you select one of the choices given

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Hi, anon,

Firstly, congrats on graduating your tertiary! Regarding your question, I think it depends on what your ultimate goal is. Both choices having its fair share of pros and cons. Here is my take on it after my 2 closest friends being in the respective schools who enrolled in 2018.

I know this is lengthy but I want to be as comprehensive as possible because it is a rather tough decision. please read on!!



  • Depends on you


+Local university

(i guess the branding that comes with it?)

+Autonomous since 2017 so you are eligible for many financial grants and scholarships etc (especially for Singaporeans) also if you happen to have exchange opportunities you can receive grants.

+Many opportunities to partake in competitions and challenges that are exclusive to local universities

-Learning resources are minimal, apart from only having one seminar (3hr) per week for each module, there is lots of self-learning (“just watch this video”/ recommends the entire book for reading) that is demanded. Lecturers are overwhelmed with a lot of things to cover in a short duration of time.

-Because of its fairly new school system after being autonomous, the school structure is still a little unstable (you can foresee visiting student services a lot for settling small menial tasks)

-There are many part-time degree students in SUSS and have been stereotyped to give a hard time when grouped together in projects

-4 years. Personally, I was very eager to graduate and earn a larger income so this was a huge factor for me. moreover, a longer education means having to pay more for school fees ($4k x 8semesters = $32k)

-the campus is tiny... you only have one block. (only Block C while SIM GE takes up block A & B) also, it pales in comparison to the SIM GE block

compulsory volunteer social work personally doesn’t feel very fulfilling for students and for the recipients of the social work, given that not everyone is doing willingly and it feels like it’s structured this way just for the school to position themselves a certain way. (this is something you may consider as a pro/con depending on your outlook of it)

• There are no CCAs. If you're interested to join one, you will have to join SIM GE’s CCAs.


+2.5 years. faster to get into the workforce, earn a higher income, get more work experience.

+My friend personally had a good experience with the lecturers that were open for consultation when needed. Of course this is subjective to everyone. but I will leave it as a pro based on her experience.

+you can do a semester in the actual RMIT campus in Melbourne for a semester (look up on google if interested: RMIT Melbourne Inter-location: Singapore Institute of Management) something my friend enjoyed very much cause finally you get the RMIT experience. Also, the campus is rad & it’s at the heart city of Melbourne. 11/10 experience.

+RMIT flies their actual professors from the RMIT Melbourne campus to Singapore for the first 3 lectures. so you get that bit of RMIT experience the rest of the 11 weeks you are taught by your local lecturers based in sg. * you can email these Aussie lectures any point in time to enquire about your module above the local lecturers you physically see IRL. so you really have 2 mentors per module, and they really are great people.

-Local lecturers are not the people who set your exam papers, the Aussie lecturers/ profs are. so there is no explicit attempt to reveal answers for exam tips by your local lecturers.

(hahah pro tip: if you want to get exam tips you need to build rapport with your Aussie lecturers when they come to Singapore, sit in front & be the teacher's pet LOL and email them regularly through the semester)

-School fees are pricier ($7k x 5 sems = $35k) so it’s 3k more expensive. but then again to put it into perspective that’s your average 1-month pay in the workforce AND you start working 18 months earlier than if you were to be in SUSS

-You are only paying for the education aka lecture slides, exam paper and an email communication with the Aussie lecture, so you don’t get the intended experience of the university.

• being a part of SIM GE, you really meet a lot of international students (from wealthy families) if that’s your kinda thang, I guess this is worth mentioning.

• SIM GE students regularly take up CCAs or even start their own so on this part you get a more holistic uni experience as compared to SUSS?? you also meet other SIM GE students from UB, UOL, UOW etc

Do note that this my friend & my personal opinion together so yours may differ but I hope this helps!!! Personally I believe you can a jam-packed experience at RMIT albeit it being shorter, it’s more educationally stimulating with a lot more guidance, eventful with outside schoolwork experiences and my friend from RMIT truly did enjoy her uni life.

Another thing to note is there is the University ranking, University of London (UOL) under SIM GE that is more known for econs as compared to RMIT. That is something you considered as well :-)

I hope I'm able to provide some valuable insight to you! I wish you all the best! =)​​​

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