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15 Nov 2020


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Hi, does anyone have a referral code for TD Ameritrade please?

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Edit on 19 Oct 2020: referral seems to have ended early oct 2020, from my phonecall with them. In fact, you dont see it on their website anymore


TD allows you to wire SGD in directly, especially if you use POSB/DBS (TD converts to USD for you, @ good rates!), no need to convert forex with your bank, i've been doing it since forever. See here! https://www.tdameritrade.com.sg/why-td-ameritra...

How good are the rates... On 10 Aug 2020, XE's sgd:usd was 1.3728, but the eventual exchange rate when wired into my TD acc was 1.3745. Not too shabby!

(and nope, you cant exchange currencies within TD itself - you dont actually need to, from my sharing above)​​​

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Hi Anon,

The referral program for TDAmeritrade is not as straightforward like just entering a referral code. You will need to register for a new account and during one of the option for 'How did you hear about us?', you will need to choose 'friend' under the choices.

When you fund your account with minimum USD3500, you will have to email TDA with the referral's name and email address. By the way, the sign-up for TDA account is quite long and it takes about 1-2 months in my case (FYI).

Leave a reply if you have yet to apply and we can share the referral fee thereafter :)

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Am a current user. can provide referral code but believe it takes a couple months just FYI. interest...

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