facebookHi, been considering a robot vacuum cleaner, but not sure which one to get? The difference in price between a high-end and low-end one is really steep. Any specifics to look out for when choosing? - Seedly


05 Sep 2020


Hi, been considering a robot vacuum cleaner, but not sure which one to get? The difference in price between a high-end and low-end one is really steep. Any specifics to look out for when choosing?

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Rachelle Lye

05 Sep 2020

Digital Marketing at Fintech

Hey Anon!

I wish I had some personal experience on this to share… But unfortunately I currently can only afford to clear my floors manually so… 😂 Here's are some things I found out.

You’re definitely right to say the difference between a high-end and low-end one is really steep… Here’s a comparison between the two extreme ends… Yep it’s almost a 10x difference in price 😱

iRobot Roomba i7+ ($1049)

Source: Lazada

Size: 33.88 by 33.88 by 9.22 cm

Battery Life: 60 minutes


  • Self-emptying dustbin

  • Multistory mapping

  • Excellent camera-based navigation

  • Automatic room recognition

  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility


  • Expensive

  • Noisy

  • Clean Base is bulky

Yes, this is the first ever robot vacuum that really does all of the work for you. It cleans up after you and itself with a self-emptying dustbin so you don’t have to worry about emptying it for up to 60 days. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Yep… I’ll keep dreaming.

PowerPac PPV3100 with Remote control ($109)

Source: Lazada

Size: 29.0 by 29.0 by 7.6cm

Battery Life: 50 minutes


  • More budget friendly

  • Slim design, able to access hard to reach areas


  • No water tank, need to damp the cloth before mopping

  • Noisy

  • Motion sensor is not very sensitive

This actually doesn’t sound too bad for someone on a budget, but after reading about one that has a self-emptying dustbin everything seems to pale in comparison…

🤖 There are loads more technical specifications that make the iRobot Roomba i7+ an extremely superior product which contributes to it being high-end. But I guess most of us aren’t able to enjoy the luxury of spending over $1000 on a robot vacuum cleaner… 💸

But if you are planning to invest in one, make sure that you read adequate reviews on it, and ensure that it is able to meet your needs and is within budget!

** ✍️ Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a robot vacuum:**

1. Size of your home

Some robot vacuums are designed for smaller areas like flats, while others are more suited for larger houses.

Do note the size of your furniture as well, some robot vacuums are bulkier and might not fit under your furniture. You might want to measure the height of the space under your beds or sofas.

2. Bin size

Yes this correlates with the size of your home too. If you choose one with a small bin size, you can only clean less than half of the room. So ensure that the vacuum has bin capacity large enough for your home.

3. Floor type

Depending on the type of flooring you have, you need to figure out which model caters to the floor type that you have. Some are able to swap between different floorings, while others need to be manually adjusted.

4. Battery capacity

With a larger battery capacity, the robot vacuum can not only help you clean a larger sized room but also last longer between each charge. As the charging time can go up to 4 hours, it could cause inconveniences. So do look out for this as well!

5. Noise

Some robot vacuum cleaners are louder than others. If you’re someone who needs peace and quiet at home, choose one that is designed to operate quietly. Look out for lower decibel scores such as 65dB level and below.

But if you’re only going to work the robot vacuum while you’re out then perhaps this wouldn’t matter as much.

6. Filter type

Do you or any of your family members have a dust allergy or asthma? In this case, you might want to opt for a robot vacuum with a HEPA filter, as it removes even fine dust and pollen.

Hope this helps! :) Now, where’s my broom… 🧹​​​

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