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18 Apr 2019


General Investing

Do you think investing in ETFs or SSB is better?

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25 Sep 2018

Undergraduate at National University of Singapore

Depends on your risk appetite, SSB for low risk and ETFs for medium risk. You can consider investing in both to diversify

Jay Liu

25 Sep 2018

Accounting and Finance at ACCA

To each of its own. Want less risky go for SSB but around 2.5% return/issue. Depending on issue. Only default will be if government defaulted. ETFs will be riskier, following market conditions. There will be dividends(if applicable) and capital gains.

Nicholes Wong

25 Sep 2018

Diploma in Business Management at Nanyang Polytechnic

If you are young with no or little responsibility and willing to take some risk, go for 80%ETFs and ...

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