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29 Nov 2022


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Do you tend to spend more as you earn more?

I am only 25 this year, and I realised that my expenses have been rising as I start to earn more. Just wondering if this is a common trend and how can I look to save more in the coming years.

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It's lifestyle inflation - the more you earn, the more you spend...suggest you budget and see what goals you want to achieve through savings and then work from there....

  • when u first started working, it is expected to increase spending because your lifestyle change from in the school to out in the society
  • it is great that u are looking at ways to save more
  • just saving for the sake of saving may not be that helpful. suggest you think of what u want to save for eg. your dream house, your dream lifestyle etc to motivate yourself to budget and save to achieve your dreams

Yes, I noticed this too and it's normal I guess. Perhaps that's why people who worked for couple of years get fat haha. So long as u keep track of your expenses and stick within the planned budget should be safe ๐Ÿ˜Š

Ezekiel C.

01 Dec 2022

Main Developer at Retirement Planner

You can try tracking your expenses for at least a month, it will force you to take a hard look at your expenses. At least you will also be able to know where did the expenses go to. Nowadays there are many apps which can do this easily and quickly, while waiting for the food after paying, etc.

Yes I do. Usually too buy things that I wants instead of needs....

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