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21 Jul 2020

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Do you all do active (individual stock picking) or passive investing (index ETF)?

If you do active investing, hows the performance?

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At the start when I am very new to investing, I do passive investing like DCA monthly to ETF and buying into Robo-Advisors. When I gain more knowledge into investing, I start to do active investing so now it’s both active and passive investing. I just started active investing so couldn’t comment much about performance but it’s currently on the positive end.

It seems like a fairy tale of mainstream finance to continously promote active trading or active fund management, when already theoretical consideration (zero sum game with added fees among orhers) make active approaches longterm futile

search also "bernstein alliance" & "marxism" on Google


sorrily the active idea does not go out of the heads (my own included). I do both, shifting more to passive for quite some time now. I can safely say that in total my active approach is somehow o.k. (however in times of longterm U.S. stock growth for more than a decade now), but my passive approach via ETFs runs just MUCH BETTER

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