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Do I need a licence to sell home-made goods (food / drinks) online in Singapore?

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No, BUT hygiene is paramount for all F&B related enterprises. Even though home-based food and drink sellers are not required to apply for a licence to sell their food/drinks, they should follow the food hygiene guidelines issued by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

As we know, food outlets in Singapore are subject to the A-D rating for overall hygiene in food preparation and also upkeep of store.

As a home-based food business, you won't be subject to the A-D grading system. But we would want to avoid customers falling ill after consuming such goods if the goods were not hygienically prepared.

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Cedric Jamie Soh

Cedric Jamie Soh

10 Jun 2019

Level 12·Director at Seniorcare.com.sg


The rules are not so clear now as there are many home cook bloggers that cook small amount of food for sales, but generally if you are selling a decent amount of food or drink, it is better you check with the Food Safety Agency and get properly certified and trained to reduce any issue with the law.

Kenneth Lou

Kenneth Lou

01 Nov 2018

Level 14·Co-founder at Seedly

I think no need? There are a ton of mom-pop shops on Carousell. Also, during Christmas and CNY, I ac...

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