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Zhiming Wee

Zhiming Wee

Level 4·Fresh Graduate at Temasek Polytechnic

14 Jul 2020


Do employers prefer full-time local university grads rather than part-time local university grads?

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14 Jul 2020

Level 6·Communications Consultant & Lecturer | Bilingual Writer at Coffeecassio.Wordpress.com

Hi Zhiming,

I think I have answered a similar question recently.

For one, your degree would not indicate whether it was full time or part time for the local universities. I had friends who studied for degree/masters part time due to work but they had no issue finding employment after they received their certificates :)

It boils down to your job search skills i.e. how/where to find jobs beyond just applying on job portals, how you craft your CV and sharpening your interviewing skills. If you need further assistance, do reach out to me via my profile links!

All the best yeah :)


Zachary Teo

14 Jul 2020

Level 8·Art Director at Ad Agency

Harsh truth - yes, it's still a practice in local companies. I've friends who work in a big ecommerce company locally and have been personally told to remove resume that are not from NTU, NUS, or SMU. They are hiring for a marketing role and only accept applicants from these particular schools. I personally think that this is rather ridiculous because good marketers does not mean they are book smart.

That to say, not every company is as such. A lot of companies now are providing an equal opportunity for everyone by giving them test to work on. Keep your hopes high, work for intern experiences, try out different jobs.

It all boils down to how the resume is written (how you arrange the different sections of in your re...

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