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08 Jun 2019

Could I ask the community for some tips on how to do up a good resume? Or are there any online tools to do so?

I'll be graduating in a year, and I think my resume looks kind of lame and boring. Any tips on how to improve on it?


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    What are your thoughts?

    Like what many mentioned, it depends on which company you want to work for and ideally, you should customise your resume to meet the job description. When I say customised, it's not blindly copying and pasting it, but you will need to understand the job description know what you have to offer based on that description reword and write it in your resume.

    If you're fresh grad, it means your cohort are probably competing with you to get the same job, ask yourself, what makes you different from the rest? CCA probably can help to show some traits about yourself. A team player, a leader, a determined person and more.

    Since you're fresh grad, companies probably wont bother much about your past work experience unless you have anything related in terms of technical skills, or transferable skills. So it is important for you to be humble, yet highlight the key traits you have.

    My part time job in secondary school landed me a position in polytechnic prior to O level. My part time job probably helped me to get a place in uni despite my below 3.0 GPA. When I apply for my first job after I graduated, my employer also asked a lot about my part time job and a lot of situational questions. They are probably trying to see my transferrable skills that I can bring to the job I was applying for.

    Dont be upset if you dont receive any calls for interview because that does not prove how bad you are as a person. I always feel that the best way to write resume, is always to know yourself and what you have got to offer first.

    Just remember it's not a 10 min work, it could take a day, a week or a month for the perfect resume (in your eyes) :)




      HC Tang

      HC Tang

      08 Jun 2019

      Level 13ยทFinancial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society

      Depends on the job you're applying for:

      1. If is social media / start up / new company.
      2. = Skip the documents resume and get dress, prepare the script and do up a video resume. This will allows you to stand out among all documents resume!
      3. if is SME / MNC:

      = Back to documents resume, go sign up for a linked-in account. Search for top / best resume of the role that you're applying for, see and copy the way / style that it works.

      Note: As you'll be fresh grad so you also need to google for more resume samples for fresh grad, since you don't have much work experience but more educational details.

      Tips: Try to focus on your attachment / intern experience , highlight those!

      Finally, the most important is to go for more interview, the more you go, the less nerveous you'll be and the more you'll know how to answer typical questions such as:

      (a) Tell me about yourself.

      (b) what do you see yourself in 5 years

      (c) Tell me 3 strength / weakness that you have

      Remember to research about the company and the jobs, look for points on the JD about what are they looking for and to link up what you can bring to the table to resolve their problems!

      Think about yourself as a Product, try to sell yourself to the company! That's how you should focus on it! :)




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        Heng Kai Le

        Heng Kai Le

        08 Jun 2019

        Level 10ยทBlogger at diaperfinancingfund.blogspot.com

        I was trying to look for a new job last year and hence updated my resume. So I will like to share th...

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