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07 Jun 2019

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Best advice for someone who wants to invest but knows nothing about investing?

I'm a female above 35 years of age and married with no kids. After selling my HDB flat, I have an extra 40-50k to invest. I know nothing about investing. Can you advise me on where I can invest this amount for good returns, nothing high risk as I do not know about investments? I do know about time deposits though but the returns are very small. What would be the best advice you can offer me? Thanks

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Hi there, actually i think the best thing you can donow is just, get a broker account, deposit 1k - 2k inside, and just buy any stocks (something that you can see / understand eg local banks / telcos / big global companies), and then you will figure out the rest.

Even if you lose some money (lets say 10% on the 2k), it's probably a small amount ($200) considering the fact that this will make you take action today. the inaction today will probably make you lose out on more money (in terms of compounded return) in the long term. :)

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Read up first before investing. If you want something that's low on risk, buy Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB).

If you are looking at stock investing, then definitely read up first. Some good websites include Budget Babe, Dollars and Sense and The Fifth Person.

May also wanna check on the defensive portion of your portfolio such as insurance.

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Jonathan Chia Guangrong

Jonathan Chia Guangrong

02 Oct 2018

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Well, knowledge is power. Start off by getting some books to read. Millionaire teacher and Learn to ...

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