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          18 Apr 2019


          As a beginner investor, should I start investing in the SG stock market or the US stock market?


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              What are your thoughts?

              Hi there!

              I have a differing perspective on this but do take my view as a pinch of salt and it does not represent the consensus.

              I started investing 4 months ago and for me, I bypassed the whole idea of trading/investing in the SG stock market because I believe that the potential of returns is relatively low compared to the US stock market due to the low volume and the general size of the SG stock market.

              Another reason why I chose to start tading on US stock market was because i felt that was the way i could learn the fastest, as well the most - through exposing myself to more stocks such as Nike and Apple with global exposure. This is helped by the fact that I enjoy reading international news about global affairs etc.

              I think ultimately, at least in my opinion, whether you start trading on SGX, NYSE or NASDAQ really depends on your personality and preference. Regardless of which exchange you trade on, the fundamentals of investing wouldn't change; the proper risk management strategies that you need to adopt to prevent losses wouldn't change as well.



                  Hi anon,

                  Personally if you are quite young and looking for more substantial capital gains I suggest you look into the US market -- the S&P year on year growth is much more substantial as compared to the Singaopre STI's, and basically more companies are listing there anyways You are looking at much higher growth potential investing in US, rather than SG, which has been rather stable and not too exciting relative in terms of price changes.

                  The appeal of the 2 are definitely different, but relevant to their own investor base. SG market is uneventful, but it is precisely because it is uneventful that it is sought after by wealth accumulation investors. the US market has alot of potential growth and value stocks listing throughout the year, and innovation is quite strong in their culture, so you can always find a good sleeper stock if you look hard enough.

                  As a beginner, I suggest go for a US S&P ETF if you don't have alot of capital, or a index fund if you have more and can meet the minimum requirement!




                      As a beginner, I personally feel that you should start investing in the sg stock market firs...

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