facebookAnyone know of any good brokers in stocks investing to work with? Thank you in advance :)? - Seedly


Anyone know of any good brokers in stocks investing to work with? Thank you in advance :)?

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I use FSMOne. UX for their app is pretty easy to navigate around.

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Rahul Wadhwa

Rahul Wadhwa

11 Sep 2020

Level 8Β·Student Ambassador 2020/21 at Seedly

Hi Danial,

As mentioned in the previous answers, it depends on which markets you would like to invest in.

If you would like to invest in global markets, I would recommend Interactive Brokers or SAXO, depending on how much you are willing to invest, your frequency of investment. (Interactive Brokers is much better if you are planning to invest β‰₯ USD100k due to the waiving of the inactivity fee and if you are planning to invest/trade frequently due to the lower comissions).

If you are planning to invest in US markets, TD would be a great choice due to their recent announcement of comission-free trades. However as Sharon mentioned, the opening can take a fair bit of time (I presume they are overwhelmed with the recent announcement), but in the meantime you can try out Tiger Brokers.

Your account will be opened within 15 mins, they have integration with MyInfo and they are licensed by MAS. They have access to the Chinese and Singapore markets too and the last time I spoke with their customer service they mentioned they are planning to bring LSE on board too although a timeline was not provided. Anyway, their app interface is amazing and their comissions are really competitive. You could open both Tiger and TD at the same time and get started with Tiger and once your TD is opened you can move your assets over.

For Singapore markets, as Sharon mentioned, I would reccomend DBS Vickers and FSMOne if you are planning to buy and hold and if you prefer your shares going into your CDP. If you are planning to trade frequently, Tiger Brokers is a good choice again due to their low comissions.



11 Sep 2020

Level 10Β·Life Alchemist at School of Hard Knocks

It depends on where you want to invest.

If you want a one-stop solution with low costs _(do note t...

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