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Anyone here practices the three-fund portfolio?

Curious to see the thoughts of anyone who has practiced it before or currently doing it.

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I don't exactly practice the 3 fund portfolio but have taken inspiration from it and adopted it to the Singapore context.


1) a broad index

  • I personally DCA into the S&P500 and the world index. This makes up the bulk of my portfolio, much like the original 3 fund portfolio


2) A local index

  • I am not a fan of the STI because it lacks growth and some blue-chips have higher yields.
  • As such, I choose to hold the Lion-Phillip S-REIT ETF and the 3 banks amongst some other blue-chip companies to replace buying into a local index.

3) A bond index

  • i do not buy any bonds and my reason being that I invest for the ultra long term (with retirement in mind). compared with bonds, CPF provides a much higher risk free rate. since liquidity is not a concern, I have decided to replace bond etf with CPF.

Additionally, I enjoy stock picking so I have some money on the side to invest in crypto and individual companies and also ETFs that give me exposure to China (because I find that the world index has insufficient exposure to China).


I know that this deviates quite significantly from the original 3 fund portfolio. If you'd like to stick with the 3 fund portfolio, stick to DCA-ing into a world index, a local index (STI and S-REIT) and CPF. Hope this helps!

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