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06 Jul 2021

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Anyone have a tiger broker promo code?

Anyone have a tiger broker promo code?

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Tiger Brokers all time low comissions of 0.08% in SG

Tiger Brokers Referral Code: FREECASH

  • Download and use APP to key in the code. They credit the vouchers based on your first deposit. (Deposit $2K get $30, $5k get $50, $10k get $70)

  • Low commission rate (SGX: 0.08% with no minimum)

  • Quick and easy registration with Myinfo

  • Promotion valid till 2021

  • Free Real-time Stock Quotes

  • Convenient and seamless

  • Welcome!


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Tiger Broker is pretty new in SG. However, it has established itself quite well in CHINA and is listed on NASDAQ.

Mobile and web interface is pretty simple to use as compared to other trading brokers platforms that I have used.

The only problem I had was that funds took 2 hours to be transferred.

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Use this link for stock Vouchers up to S $ 100 + 30-day Commission-free Card + US stock LV2 Q...

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