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Any words of advice for someone wanting to advance in the F&B industry?

Hi. I am working towards my goal of becoming a Bar manager, but i realised that it requires 3-5 years of experience or a Food and Beverage/Hotel Management certification. Are there any recommendations for courses or programmes I can take to improve myself in order for me to get nearer to my goal? Please also advise on the directions that i can take right now. My highest qualification is a Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Thank you!


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      Lee Wei

      Lee Wei

      17 Aug 2019

      Level 3·Community Engagement at Orovault

      Right after I left NS I spent a short amount of time working in a restaurant as I wanted to try to decide if the F&B Industry was the thing for me (it was not). That was when I realised that the industry tends to be incredibly short staffed. It is just incredibly difficult to find people who really want to work in F&B. This might have changed in recent years but I can't be sure.

      My suggestion is to contact a few places you are interested in to potentially request for an internship of sorts. That way, you can learn and build your connections within the industry.
      Don't let your lack of experience stop you from reaching out! Take a look at this guy for example, he had practically zero experience but he went around asking for people to take him in.



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