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23 Aug 2021



Any advice for someone who seems lost and does not know what they want for their future career.

Does not know what they want for their future career

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Hey, that is an important question. don't let the world or colleagues drag you down when you (temporarily) 'lost your way'. that is quite a normal situation, but many prefer to not talk about doubts or inner fights. if something went wrong, maybe it had to. because there were things that are not good for you. stopping some activity (studying) can be a a start to be free for something else. when we study (f ex uni) for a profession we often do not know what the later real world working situation will be like. so it's always good to be exposed early to practical work to see whether it really is satisfying.

maybe calmly brainstorming professions or workplaces you could like or discuss your concerns with friends could be of help.

my own experiences:

when currently an external observer maybe could see my medical career as normally successful, actually professionally I got stuck many times in the past:

-stopped my first uni study, thought I was not able

-stopped the first 2 of 3 doctoral thesis efforts, 3rd one went fine

-stopped because of overwhelming feelings my first pretraining position as a medical doctor, 2nd try went fine

-the same for my actual training position, 2nd try went fine

-was dissatisfied with a hospital's working climate, stopped job ad hoc in anger one day, motivation to go to a different country for work, went fine.


I wrote this to show how many times we can get lost, when in reality we are not or just feel like lost.

good luck, talk to your people





24 Aug 2021

Level 9Β·Healthcare at SG

Sharing some tips that have worked for me.
1) Resources - Start point

Identify the resources that you currently have
What qualification? Where can you pivot to with this cert?
2) Explore - Base

Start somewhere. This is your base. Look for jobs and identify what you like and dislike. From there, you can narrow down to the aspects that you like and is also good at.


3) Expand - Building

Talk to people and network. Learn from them. You will be surprised how your mind can broaden. They may be able to intro you to roles that you did not know of that may suit your interest. But you first need a job and base to build from.

WSG has a range of initiatives to help new jobseekers or mid-job switchers on this. You can tap on C...

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