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Wondering How to Better Follow Up on Your Job Applications?

Because following up on your applications is just as crucial as sending them out.

As a jobseeker, what can you do to follow up on your job applications and make sure you get noticed? Here are some ways to do so.

Choose the right time

Yes, there's a right time to follow up. According to recruiting firms, if there's no closing date to the job posting, a good practice is to call or email five to 10 days after submitting it. This gives the company enough time to go through your application, while ensuring your application isn't left too long and forgotten. For those with an application closing date, you can follow up a week after later.

Express your passion

While enquiring about the status of your application, show that you're keen on the position. Emphasise how you believe that you'll be an ideal match for the role. But do remember to also make it clear that you're aware of the hiring manager's busy schedule. So remember to also keep the conversation short.

Here's one example of a follow-up email:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to check the status of my application for the post of job advertised at company name. I am excited about this role and think I would be an ideal match.

I have also been impressed by the recent news of your plans to something new the company is doing and I believe my years of experience in the field the company is looking for will be invaluable to your organisational goals.

If you don't hear from the company, don't be disheartened but move on to other job applications instead. If you do hear back from the hiring manager, but it's not the response you want, take it with a positive spin and use it as feedback on how you can improve your future application

Request to connect on LinkedIn

In today's world, it pays to stay connected with a hiring manager, even if you were not considered for the current job role. Professional social platforms like LinkedIn is made for professionals connecting with one another for learning and future job opportunities. It also allows individuals to follow that manager's updates about the company’s latest developments, including job vacancies, while staying on the radar when a vacancy presents itself.

However, don't go connecting with every hiring manager on LinkedIn just yet — it can seem unprofessional and intrusive. Here's how a follow-up email can provide an opening for you to ask to connect on LinkedIn for future opportunities. If they agree, go ahead and send in a connection request. Make sure to refer to your follow-up email exchange in a personalised message sent with your request.

A sample message could read:

Thank you for considering me for the role of job position at your company. As agreed in my follow-up email to you, I am requesting to connect with you professionally on LinkedIn. Please feel free to reach out to me for any future opportunities.

All the best in your job search!

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