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How I Make Money Every Minute

No, this isn’t what you think. This article contains neither passive income nor investing.



05 Mar 2021

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I just finished “The No Spend Year: How You Can Spend Less And Live More” by Michelle McGaugh. It details how she spent an entire year keeping her expenses to the bare minimum, which meant that she cooked all her meals, drank tap water at pubs (She’s a Brit.), cycled everywhere and found free events to attend. Sometime, she had free dinners at these events too! Truly interesting and inspirational. It underscored a point that in this time-scarce society, it was purposeful for her to invest lots of time into meal planning and event scouting and essentially exchange time for money because her Why was strong. She wanted to fire all her cannons at reducing her mortgage. And why care about what other people thought.

This is where I will come out of the closet and reveal all my spare cash-making secrets. Though I can hardly call them secrets because Seedly has already posted an article on this. But what this article will reveal is how I incorporate some of these apps (and more) into my daily routine. It’s not an exaggeration to say that all my movements are accounted for and monetised!

6am - Wake up. Check Milieu. Eyes light up. Complete the survey for good old dose of endorphin while getting up to speed on current affairs. Brush my teeth.

6.30am - Leave house with a spring in my step. Already indicated ‘Excited’ for Mood Checker on GETGREAT Singapore. Now, my Pacer app is clocking the number of steps I make. Also do a quick check on my StashAway portfolio to take it all in and give me the extra boost to perform superhumanly at work.

7am - Reach my workplace. Sent a friend $10 through GooglePay. Waiting for scratch card with bated breath. Will I get enough for Kopi $?

7.01am - Got a ‘Better Luck Next Time’ card. Cue heavy sighs. Remind myself that money is everywhere. It's okay. I'm not defeated.

7.45am - Invest every ounce of my being into my work.

10am - Attend meeting. Engage in intense discussion and intellectually fulfilling brainstorming.

11am - Emerge from meeting. Buy coffee and fruits to ease into my work. Open up the ApiaryBuzz website. Oh, another 2-min survey that doesn’t involve me divulging any personal information, just my well-considered opinions about the state of the world? You got it.

11.02am - Having indulged myself in this 2-min Habit Of Transition, invest every ounce of my being into work.

5-6pm - End work. Which means clocking steps time. Check GETGREAT Singapore app to double-check that I’m on the right track. Pick up toddler son. Brace myself for a long journey home as he proceeds to stop and admire every green bus that comes by.

6.20pm - Make detour to Prime Supermarket. Ran out of bananas for the boy. Buy an appetising bunch of bananas. Remember to keep the receipt. Drop by minimart to withdraw money via Socash app. Since Socash supports PayNow, I open GooglePay to scan QR code and complete the transaction. Rejoice in soul-affirming cashbacks from both Socash and GooglePay.

6.30pm - Reach Home. Clocked 10,000 steps. Yes, I know I should value this quality time with the son but my hands instinctively reach for my handphone to check for surveys on Milieu. And while I’m at it, better check Partipost to see if there are any campaigns I can join.

6.32pm - Yay! There’s a ChopeDeal campaign on Partipost I can join. Submit my IG post to be approved.

6.33-8.30pm - Invest every ounce of my being into ensuring that the son is showered and fed.

8.30pm - Wife comes back. Welcome with open, albeit weary arms. Consume my dinner like a hungry wolf.

9.15pm - Wife puts son to bed. Record supermarket transaction and upload receipt on Brandcode. Waiting patiently to gather enough points to redeem a free face mask. Hey, as Kevin O'Leary advised, we must seek to look good so that we will feel good.

9.15-10pm - Invest every ounce of my being into tackling the myriad household chores that are piled up as high as a mountain. Hang laundry out to dry. Check. Wash remaining dishes. Check. Wipe dining table. Check.

10pm - Wife comes out. Announces that I'm going out for a walk so that I can clock 5,000 steps for GETGREAT Singapore today. Clocking 10,000 steps in a day will usually suffice but now, I'm trying to chiong enough points to redeem another $5 by the end of this month. Hence, 15,000 steps. Hoping to transfer these points to UPGREAT Singapore to redeem a Pupsik voucher.

10.05pm - Walking briskly. Check whether my best-selling Seedly article (https://seedly.sg/opinions/leveraging-multiple-intelligences-to-learn-about-cpf) has reached 10,000 views. Log on to Pupsik. Do a book review to get 50 points. If I gather 500 points, I can secure free shipping, along with the voucher that I redeem at UPGREAT Singapore. This means that I get a free book for my boy!

10.30pm - Check Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes, organisations like Public Libraries Singapore and CPF Board and even our beloved Seedly will organise giveaway contests. The latest contest by @cpf_board on IG is about sharing our savings goals using its GIF stickers (Deadline: 7 March 2021). Of course, I join these contests! (Yes, sometimes I win GrabFood vouchers.)

11pm - Reach home, exhausted but happy. Open Flitto app to check if there are any easy Chinese-English translations to tackle. Top up $10 to my CPF account through GooglePay in hopes of getting a scratch card that contains Kopi $! Scroll mindlessly through my social media feed. Prepare to sleep.

There you have it. How I incorporate such spare cash-making ventures into my daily routine. Now, will I get a book deal like Michelle McGaugh? LOL.

Update on 5 March: So far no book deal. But one Seedly user has shared that she plays Lazada games to redeem bubble tea drinks for free while another user shared how the Savee app provides cashback. You can be sure that I will incorporate them into my daily routine!


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16 Feb 2021

Level 11·Blogger at diaperfinancingfund.blogspot.com

Kenneth Lou - indeed! I once watched a Japanese program in which this man manages to live solely on vouchers and coupons. My grandiose goal is to be like him

Kenneth Fong - thanks for always liking my musings!

Joe - hope this gets you to try out some of them!

Zac - yay! Hilarious was what I was gunning for in this article haha

Muahaha, good tips! and thanks for sharing!

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05 Mar 2021

Level 11·Blogger at diaperfinancingfund.blogspot.com

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