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I think Tesla is way overvalued, its book value is $15, when the bubble burst is going to take the whole market down! What are your thoughts on Tesla now?
If u have yet to buy tesla, ask why tesla is such a steal? Honestly, I did not see such a high valuation stock with more than 1k PE. I certainly can't agree more that it is overvalued now. But no one know when will it drop. Maybe tesla earning will be dam good that the PE ratio will be halved. If u can stomach the fall. Go ahead. If not look elsewhere, there is always opportunity. Come back when it reaches your target price You can look at chicken genius opinions on tesla. I feel that his opinion is genuine


Tesla has inspired many others to take the step towards electric and autonomous vehicle. I am impressed by Nio's lifestyle business model. What are your thoughts on Nio long term?
My thought on nio long term is that it has chance to be strong rival even outweigh tesla if they can innovate and be creative in making a profitable business model but in the end we are uncertain if nio will rise but it just my thoughts


Many assume TESLA will skyrocket without catalyst?
I think end of they day, nobody will know where stocks will go to. Best way is to go back to the basics and see if that stock is overvalued or undervalued. End of the day, tesla is a still a business, whether or not stocks will go up or down or whethere it will correct is back their fair valuation is to back to the company's basics like the fundamentals of the company and the valuation of the company. Above are just my opinion. im not a financial advisor :)


What do you think is the risk level for my portfolio with 90% Tesla?
Koh Yonghwee

Koh Yonghwee

Level 3. Wonderkid

Answered on 12 Dec 2020

I am not going to give a conventional answer. I will put it in such a way: if you truly believe in the company's potential, there is no reason to diversify. Do you feel comfortable and able to sleep soundly at night in holding these three stocks? Honestly, I do not. Hence, no matter how confident I am in a company, the maximum proportion I will allocate to a particular stock is 10%. That works for me. Find what works for you. “A well-diversified portfolio needs just four stocks.” Charlie Munger


Is Tesla overpriced and overhyped?
If u look short term, then yes might be overpriced. Tomorrow will be very exciting. If long term, now still considered cheap actually. Just DCA, buy abit every month or on dips


Should I high and buy low for Tesla at this point of time?
Nobody can predict price movement. It may conti. up or down🤷 ♂️ But if u dont not have $$$$ to buy more when it crash, without selling the current holding. Then trading is more feasible. The purpose of investment is to be able to buy more & more shares.


Does the current TESLA price makes sense?

Joshua Tan

Level 3. Wonderkid

Answered on 08 Dec 2020

I offloaded some to capture some profit. The narrative is that Tesla is more than a car company, it’s battery, it’s software, etc. But I foresee it facing stiff competition as the rest of the automotive makers start their electrification line up. Check out BMW, Hyundai and the rest. The model 3 won’t stand a chance against reliable workhorse brands like Toyota when their EVs happen.