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How much returns are you earning from your robo-advisor portfolios?
I'm gonna go first! 😛 Context: I'm a fresh grad with little capital, beginner investor. 1. Robo portfolio: Syfe Equity100 - Returns: +8.37% - Duration: 4 months (Sep 2020 to Jan 2021) - Why: Looking for high growth and this portfolio is based solely on Equities. 2. Robo portfolio: Syfe REITs+ - Returns: +10.63% - Duration: 4 months (Sep 2020 to Jan 2021) - Why: Thought that with Phase 3 in the works, the REITs in Singapore should have decent growth prospects. My capital is largely focused on Syfe Equity100 and not on REITs+, still mulling on whether I should shift over my REITs+ over to Equity100. Also contemplating on whether I should shift over to investing directing in ETFs for the longer term, but only when I have sufficient capital built up!


How should I split my money to save and invest as an NSF? Is opening a StashAway account any good?
It is a good start. If you're uncertain, you can leave your monies in a high-interest savings account first. Although robo-advisors are diversified, your capital is still not protected. Instead, focus on reading up on how to invest. I have written a brief article here. In short, focus on broad terms such as what are bonds or indices first before delving into specific concepts what are the different types of bonds/indices. If you really want, you can invest a small sum first, but when your investments dip/rise and you feel fear/euphoria, then it's a signal to stop there first and focus on reading up on the behavioural aspects of investing, which I have also gone through briefly in the article. This is because those feelings will be further amplified when we invest larger amounts, and it takes time and effort to learn how to regulate your emotions while investing in the markets. It isn't easy, and there will be instances where you'll feel like you should follow what others are investing because of FOMO, but it isn't always going to turn out well if you don't know what you're investing in. - Case in point, my friend invested in Bitcoin while it was at an all-time high recently, just before it dropped in value. All in all, good job for starting early, and I hope this helps! P.S. Make sure you don't need the monies you're investing. I couldn't go on exchange even if I wanted to because most of my monies were in an endowment plan I signed up for while in army. DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed here are my own. This does not constitute financial advice. Do your own due diligence.


Hi, if I'm a new investor to Stashaway and I use a referral code, I'll enjoy 0 fees for 1st 6 months. Is that correct?

Fish Chen

Level 3. Wonderkid

Answered on 23 Jul 2020

From my experience, yes that is correct! As long as you put in less than 10k with them Source: been an investor with them for 3+ years, have put in less than10k with them and haven't accrued fees (as of yet)


What is the percentage of your StashAway total returns and how long have you been investing?
Started a SA36% in 23jun'20 as a 'benchmark/satellite'. Only topped up 4 times since then as I have other portfolios in Syfe and diy. It's performing pretty well, Money-weighted 17.6% and Time-weighted 20.16%. Despite its slightly higher fees (than syfe), the returns definitely makes up for it.


Am a 20y old poly student is investing $300/month. Willing to take as much risk as possible and lose up to 50% of my wealth?
Tbh, i don’t know why you are using so many different portfolio at once, since you are looking to maximise returns by taking on higher risk, you should be allocating the most to Equity100 instead. I feel like you want to diversify by using 4 different portfolios but it’s very suboptimal given your capital. My recommendation for you is to concentrate on Syfe Equity100 instead, and couple it with a few growth ETFs such as WCLD, ICLN, SOXX and ARK ETFs of your liking. Essentially Equity100 will become your CORE holding and those ETFs can be your SATELLITE holding. The reason stashaway is not optimal is because with your Low capital (<25k), you’re actually paying 0.8% annually to them for a portfolio which focuses on downside risk. Equities beat the hell out of any other asset class in the long run, so if you are young and able to take risk, you should be allocating to equities because businesses grow over time. Personally I am 22 this year, holds 100% equities + crypto, my 2020 annualised gains was 78+%. Hope this helps!


Is it okay to invest $50-100 into different ETFs or focus on a few with $100-200 into each?
Before you do so, do consider carefully if you really need so many. For example, ETFs such as VTI and VOO, while technically different, have large correlation in the way that they move. Next, ensure that you understand the reason for entering each of the investments. For example, if you're investing into the clean energy sector via ICLN, do try to understand their top holdings so you're not blindsided by sudden movements in the share price of your ETFs. Lastly, if you're on a non-zero comm platform, I'd advise you to reconsider as the commissions will eat into your returns significantly due to the small amount that you're investing in each transaction ($50-$100). If your broker is zero comms, then this will not be an issue then. Hope this helps!


Which is better Syfe Equity100 or StashAway Core Portfolio with Risk Index of 22%?
I'll go with Syfe Equity100 if I'm after higher returns and willing to take on higher risk. Equity100 is pure equities, so if the stock market goes down 25%, your Equity100 portfolio will be down 25% too. Can you stomach this dip and have the holding power to hang on to your investments? If yes, then go for Equity100! If you feel uncomfortable, Stashaway 22% could be more suitable.


How to better DCA and have a more balanced portfolio for StashAway and Syfe portfolios?
Personally, what I'm doing is to DCA into both Equity100 & Syfe REIT+. I'll DCA more into Equity100 first because it can give higher returns. When the time comes for me to be more risk conservative, I'll then start to DCA more into REITs for passive income.


Which is the best ‘savings’ account? StashAway Simple VS Syfe Cash+ VS Endowus Cash Smart?
It depends on what you're looking at. For returns, I'd say Syfe Cash+ at 1.75% or Endowus Cash Management Ultra at 1.7% to 1.9% p.a. Cash+ has no minimum deposit and no fees but Endowus Cash Management Ultra has a min $10K deposit for new users + a 0.05% access fee. if you're thinking in terms of which is the least risky, you can consider Stashaway Simple because it doesn't hold any short duration bond funds unlike the other two. You can check out my comparison here for more details! For withdrawal times, I think all three will need at least 3 - 5 working days. Cos they need to redeem your bonds, wait for the fund manager to transfer your proceeds to them, then transfer the funds to your bank account.


Am I over-diversifying with multiple robos and RSPs?
I think going with different platforms is not necessarily over-diversifying as long as your underlying holdings are different. E.g. your 6 ETFs with FSMOne are different from the Stashaway / Syfe ones. Do note that some ETFs are also invested in the same companies; VOO is invested in pretty much the same names as SPY. If this occurs, it might be better to consolidate your investments with just 1 - 3 platforms.