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How long should I wait before my next credit card application, if my first application failed?
How about try applying for another credit card from another bank to see if they approve. I also applied for citibank card but was rejected, but DBS approved my application.


Which is the better broker for US market - Standard Chartered VS Tiger Brokers VS Saxo?
Hi Anon, It depends on a couple of factors: Live data: Like Jesslyn has mentioned, Standard chartered and saxo do not provide live data, but tiger brokers does. Fees: I think you have a rough idea of the fees, and your main concern seems to be the wire transfer fees. I would reccomend opening a DBS multi-currency account (it's free), that way you will not incur the wire in fees with tiger. Tiger also does not have custodian fees.


Hi! I am 31YO F married with a kid, have paid off my housing loan. I would like my cash to be working harder for me and to get started on investing, any suggestions?
Hello! If you don't have the time to monitor your investments, one of the best alternatives is to invest your money with financial institutions like insurance companies where they have expertise to manage your fund investments according to your investment risk profile. Your money could potentially grow 4%-8% annually and will provide fund performance updates. I'm a certified Financial Service Consultant under AIA and happy to share more with you. Do contact me if you are keen to get the details. 😊


Has anyone used Standard Chartered Mobile App New Feature "SGFinDex"?

Shaun WQ Lim

Level 8. Wizard

Answered on 26 Nov 2020

Yes, stumbled across it a few days ago. Seems quite new and only SCB and DBS are utilising it on their apps now. It allows you the option to consolidate the account details across some of the banks in Singapore through linking them to SGFinDex, which is by the SG Government. In SCB’s use case, the total and individual balances are presented on a single pane of glass. So you can get a total view of your net worth across the different accounts i.e. savings, investments, credit cards and CPF etc. Looks interesting if you like that kind of information. However, at this time, not able to choose the accounts that you want to include or exclude. Hopefully they improve the UX and allow more flexibility in future. @seedly team: Perhaps Seedly can leverage this framework to consolidate the account details that are not possible now?


Now that standard chartered jumpstart account has a drop in interest rate, is it wise to close that account and put in Singlife? Any ideas how to close SC account?
Tan Shi You

Tan Shi You

Level 2. Rookie

Updated on 01 Dec 2020

The answers for such financial questions are always, it depends. Now that the rate will drop to 0.4% by 1 Jan 2021 , some may no longer consider "parking" their money there to gain interest. My suggestion for you would be to answer the following questions to help guide your decision: 1. Do you have an alternative account currently offering a better interest rate , for example, SingLife or maybe even DBS multiplier account? 2. What is your age ? (To reopen the account, in the event where the interest rate may go up again, you must be between the age of 18 to 26) 3. Is there any benefit you gain from closing the account? (Reminder: The JumpStart account has NO minimum deposit requirement and there is NO fall-below fee .) Personal Opinion: Take all your money out, leave the bank account balance as $0, put back the money if the interest rate increases back to a rate you are happy with. Best of luck to you bro/sis :D


Should I fund my TD Ameritrade trading account with DBS or Standard Chartered?
Hey there! I just funded my account using my OCBC account to their DBS account and i got a warning email. Basically it is easiest to fund TD ameritrade from your DBS account to their DBS account. 1st time they let me off and second time they say they wont entertain this mistake. Below is the link for funding instructions! I am planning to make a thinkorswim platform tutorial so do check my YT channel out if your interested!