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I'm planning to get an ECI insurance plan - should I get a multipay/one time policy and should it be as a standalone or as a rider to a term life or whole life?
I am not a fan of ECI, because the amount of policyholders claiming such clauses has been very small against the population of policyholders. Main reason is because it is very hard to detect CI illness at its early onset. I rather you spend the money purchasing life insurance or term. This should be higher priority insurances you should go after to cover your life expenses as contingency planning


How much do you have to spend on your posb everyday card to get your annual fee waived?


Level 2. Rookie

Answered 3d ago

I spend really little on my everyday card, and fee waiver request is denied! Charged $180++ for it. I want to cancel this now.


POEMS vs DBS Vickers for first timers?

Khairudin Ali

Level 4. Prodigy

Answered on 04 Apr 2020

DBS is recommended for SGX markets as they offer cheap fees if you opt for cash upfront for your trades, max $11.26 SGD for fees incld GST. US trade fees and custodians fees offers the same amount or both brokerages. DBS multiplier account will be given to you when you open Vickers, so no need to worry. No doubt POEMS interface is wayyy better than vickers. Customer service wise I am not sure. No problem with both of my brokerage accounts. Just don't ask generic questions which you can google yourself. $100/month wouldn't be advisable to do your own trades as the cheapest fees will eat up your monthly investment sum. I would recommend DCA on robo advisors. Do shop online for some. Do search for seedly review about SG brokerage accounts. Check their fees before committing. Hope it helps.


What are some of the best expense tracker app? Also are there any expense tracking app for couples?
I’m personally using Seedly and it has been great in terms of showing all the expenses in a very clear format. However, recently the app has been logging me out every single time I close the app. Not sure if it’s some bug, hope they fix it soon. Not that I’ve heard of any tracking app for couples.


Any recommendations for will writing service/lawyer that is affordable? Any good experiences?
Elihah has an excellent answer already. OCBC free online will generator. Its free and decent. If you want a comprehensive will, probably not this though.


What do you think about unconventional physical investments such as Rolex watches, Hermes handbags, limited edition Nike Shoes and etc?
Rais M

Rais M

Level 7. Grand Master

Answered on 04 Mar 2020

Unconventional items as an investment is not exactly sustainable. You might make mutiple times of profit on one hand, or the other hand, nobody might be interested in certain items at all. There are also the time factor. Some items appreciate in value, while others depreciate. Hindside is always 20/20. You will never know until it happens. Unless you understand how the market works and really have passion in the items you are looking for - this could be an investment, but definitely not something that can generate recurring income in the long run... unless... you really know the market and the dealers that well... Otherwise, as a layman, it is either 1) to simply buy and collect if your are indeed into it for the passion 2) always nice and fun to see how people scalp and how people are willing to pay high price to buy.


What is the “UBER TRIP HELP.UBER.CO” transaction that was charged to my credit card?
If you don't use Uber, I suggest you call the bank to report a suspicious transaction and cancel it. There were cases where people's credit card was charged with unknown uber transactions before.


I received an sms to update my account for banking purposes but I'm not sure how to. Any advice on the best and fastest way I can get help from the bank to do this?

Shen Hao

Level 2. Rookie

Answered on 14 Sep 2020

Call the bank account directly. Ask them about your case and get them to resolve it for you. Don't release any personal information.


How do you value, see and determine which stocks are to buy and keep and which are those to buy/sell to earn some quick income? Always have this problem trying to value the stocks, thanks in advance?
Hi Shandy, I'm going to give my opinion from an income investing perspective. Key things I take into consideration are: - Does the company have a strong balance sheet? - Does the company have a track record of profitability? - Is the company having a consistent record of paying growing or steady dividends? That helps me to decide if the company is worth buying. The entry and exit prices would be based on whether the company is under valued compared to other peers. Even if a company is a decent one, I would want to get in at a fair price if possible. It's like saying that you like to drink coke, but won't pay $2 for a can at Sentosa. Dividend stocks can be keep for years if the company remains good. You'll have to monitor and review regularly. For growth stocks, this is where you probably hold them for a while and then sell off to take profit. Usually these would be in fast growing sectors like tech or healthcare, and companies here tend to be harder to value. You'll have to determine if the company is below its intrinsic value before deciding if it is good to buy or not. There is no one-size fits all answer, so tread with caution and never go all in into a single stock. That's courting disaster.


What can I do in my 20s to become a millionaire by 30?
Bjorn Ng

Bjorn Ng

Level 9. God of Wisdom

Answered on 19 Dec 2019

Great dream you have out there! Not impossible, but the road there might seem impossible. A few things off the top of my mind is to minimize your expenses, only spend what you need and not want, fully utilize all credit card & bank accounts as you can. These 2 above actually still doesn't bring you close, and I think you would have to take more risks to reach there, and for me that's investing my $ in huge growth potential companies. And the most riskiest way would of course be to start your own business, being an entreprenuer. But it would take a lot of courage and emotions (and luck) to make it out as well!