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Future Trends: Which Companies to Invest in 2021 and Beyond

Which industry to look out for? Electric vehicles? Cloud? Healthcare? What are the companies of the future? 👀👀



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Lin Yun Heng
Lin Yun Heng

15h ago

Genomics is definitely a huge one! But it is a field where 99.999% of people probably don't understand because it is extremely complicated and it is not within my circle of competence to recommend this other than ARKG. Aside from ARKG, I don't have in depth understanding of the genomics sector which I presume no one truly understands unless you have a medicine background. The industry is really complicated so even if its a future trend, I want to completely understand it before I suggest it to fellow readers. Cheers!
Billy Ko
Billy Ko

4h ago

Good on you to suggest industries within your circle of competence! That being said, you might consider trying to understand it before others because if 99.999% of people understand genomics, ARKG is probably gonna be $500 a pop and by then it'd be current trend rather than future trend :)
The Best Portfolios For Lazy Investors (2021)

So many jargons, so many things to learn.. I just want to invest and do other things! I heard you, here's a guide for ye



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Lin Yun Heng
Lin Yun Heng

1d ago

@Rachelle xie xie kekeke
Rafael Alcala
Rafael Alcala

8h ago

How To Pick The Right ETFs For Your Long Term Portfolio?

Growth ETFs or Index ETFs? When to buy ETFs? How many ETFs should I own? Still confused? Clear your doubts here! 👀👀👀



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Lin Yun Heng
Lin Yun Heng

3w ago

ARKK has the most diversification. And the most liquid of all the ARK ETFs so it will be the core. the rest would be based on how much conviction you have!

2w ago

Ok thank u, will read up on the rest.
Any thoughts on my personal savings for a final year university student?
Do you have any liabilities to pay off? Like student bank loan. If no, can set aside 6 months of your expenses and invest more


Looking for The Right REIT

Just like how we select our Mr/Mrs Right based on criterias, investors should be savvy on how to pick their REITs.



Syfe VS Autowealth: Which Robo Is Better?

Just which one to choose? Returns? Capital? Ease of use? Here's a deep dive comparison between 2 popular Robo Advisors.



What are some scholarships or bursaries that are easier to apply for?
Https:// I think it is similar to the previous CDC and CCC bursary. That was long time ago when I was a student. Fairly easy to get as long as grade are decent and family income is below a certain level. After all, CCC needs the mass numbers so that their presentation ceremony looks huge for various reasons. Hope this helps.


5 Stocks I Would Buy If The Market Crashes Again

With the market hitting all time highs, are you ready to go in with a game plan if the market really collapses? 🧐



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Lin Yun Heng
Lin Yun Heng

19 Nov 2020

I absolutely agree with you Frankie! Research and time has shown again and again that active management will underperform indices over an extremely long time horizon in most instance. Which is why I think it is important to buy ETFs that "guarantees" the market returns while allocating some to stock picks for potentially higher gains. But the extent to how much should be allocated to cherry picking and ETFs differs from person to person as well, which is why it all boils down to the individual investor. For myself, I personally follow the philosophy of Peter Lynch, the legendary stock picker and everytime I feel like deviating from my own gameplan, I will go back YouTube and listen to his wisdom before doing anything stupid. If you are interested, you can read "One Up on Wall Street" where Peter Lynch talks about how a average retail investor can stock pick and produce market-beating returns, which I have been strictly practicing. My most updated YTD returns as of today is standing at +59.02% (XIRR) through disciplined stock picking + ETFs. I believe investing is never binary and there are just so many ways to get high returns, ETFs is a protection against dumb decision making, and will deliver market returns for sure, but stock picking can yield market-beating returns if done well. Active managers face constraints of portfolio allocation but us retail investors do not have such constraints, we are free to invest in what we want to compared to fund managers who have a KPI to hit and clients to satisfy. Just my two cents!

22 Nov 2020

Nice yun heng
Recommendations on where to learn coding for total beginners?


Level 6. Master

Answered 6d ago

Here are some decent resources to start: 1. 2. Alternatively, if you qualify, you can use the IMDA CITREP+ funding to pay for the Hackwagon Data Science course: