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[Create Your Happiness This 2021!] Share a photo of a moment with someone and tell us why they make you happy?
The person who brings me the most joy in my life is my wife, Angela. ! This was taken back in November 2019 on our road trip from Los Angeles to Big Sur, California. She's the one who always suggests the craziest itineraries, which have brought us to some of the most beautiful places on Earth. And there's no one else I would rather see the world with, than with her. Looking forward to the end of this pandemic situation when we can continue our adventures again.
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How can an 18 year old apply for the DBS Live fresh student card when its age eligibility is 21 years old?
Hi Jack, Not sure if you're still pondering over this. As Jesslyn has mentioned, if the bank has set the age requirement to be 21, then you have no other option than to wait until you turn 21. Is there a specific reason you want to use the DBS Live Fresh student card? If not, there are other student credit card options that you can consider at the age of 18: 1. Citi Clear Visa 2. CIMB AWSM 3. Standard Chartered Manhattan 500 Hope this helps! Regards, thefrugalstudent


Share your lunch ideas below $5?
Skip the drinks:) i find that it helps cut costs significantly for me Your body will thank you for less intake of sugary drinks too


Is it possible to change the default currency for the Seedly app?
Unfortunately you can't at the moment. See here:


[Is Your 2021 New Year's Resolution Too Siao?] What is your craziest New Year's Resolution for 2021?
Thank you Seedly for providing such an amazing opportunity for everyone! My resolution for 2021 is mostly on saving money and the one thing that is creating a huge hole in my pocket would be my university school fees. At the moment, I am relying on OCBC Education Loan to pay for my school fees. However, fees for Exams, Continuation Fees, etc. is coming out from my own pocket. Furthermore, I do not wish for my parents to pay as they are also coping with their own financial difficulties due to my dad's stage 4 cancer. Hence, I hope that Seedly will be able to help me fulfill my saving-cost resolution by sponsoring for my university fees. Once again, very thankful to have the opportunity to ask Seedly to help with my resolution! I wish everyone good luck and hope that 2021 will be a better year for all of us! Stay happy and healthy all! :)


Bitcoin is hot again: What's different this time?

Bitcoin has hit all-time highs recently, and it's not due to the same reasons that led to a massive rally in 2017.



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Rahul Wadhwa
Rahul Wadhwa

3w ago

@Diego, For hot wallets, I would reccomend Exodus for a desktop wallet and Edge for mobile. For cold wallets, Trezor and Ledger are the most popular ones, but I prefer Trezor as the code is open source. Furthermore, Ledger recently had a security incident. Also, if you are getting a cold wallet, please only get it from the official site and not a third party retailer.
Spking Lee
Spking Lee

1w ago

Hi Rahul, good day. Is there a good cryptocurrency robo-advisor platform that could help a new investor build a healthy portfolio in Singapore?
5 Lessons from Rich Dad Poor Dad on Personal Finance

Changing the way I view money and making important financial decisions.



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Shania Loh
Shania Loh

3w ago

Hey CH! I think RDPD mainly focuses on teaching us to step out of our comfort zone and to not "settle" like everyone else, but I get that sometimes it can seem to neglect the less privileged :(

2w ago

Nice post, Shania! I wanted to say Rich Dad Poor Dad started me off in my personal finance journey as well and I saw Clara's comment. Haha.
Anyone from the Seedly community want to start the 52-Week Money Saving Challenge together this 2021?
Happy New Year Seedly Fam! 🥳 I’m gonna update my answer every Saturday‼️ LEGGO 🙌🏼 My savings will go to Singlife first followed by Syfe Cash+ 🌞 Week 1 (2 Jan) - $1 ✅ Week 2 (9 Jan) - $2 ✅


How did your investments perform for 2020?
Hey Anon, here's how my portfolio performed as of 31 Dec - 1. US Stocks - Realised Profits: $1,071.51 USD - Unrealised Profits: $2022.15 USD 2. AutoWealth - Unrealised Profits: $674 USD 3. Endowus - Realised Profits: $266.02 SGD - Unrealised Profits: $550.80 SGD Reference: Everyone's a genius in a bull market. The test comes during a market correction or selldown - (1) whether we will have weak hands/conviction and let our emotions get in the way, and end up selling or (2) taking the opportunity to scoop up more shares at a discount. In any case, my new year resolution would be to further reduce my reliance on robo-advisors and DIY instead through my brokerage account.