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How can I invest $50k in my savings?
I would recommend robo advisors (I am using Stashaway and Syfe). Positives - No emotion involved. Their tech generate some asset allocation, you choose what is suitable for you and deposit some money. As you are risk averse, they provide portfolio for risk averse people too (more bonds). - Fractional shares (you cant buy 0.5 shares) - Way cheaper than short term endowment plans, but not as cheap as buying shares on your own. Negatives - They provide explanations what happens to your money if the robo advisor companies shut down, I am not sure whether you are comfortable with that. - Some says it promotes laziness (you should still do due diligence since it is your money). Alternatively, you may subscribe to regular savings plan to SG big banks (I believe this eliminate the first negative), it fulfils requirement for higher interest rate for the savings account.


Which is the best ‘savings’ account? StashAway Simple VS Syfe Cash+ VS Endowus Cash Smart?
It depends on what you're looking at. For returns, I'd say Syfe Cash+ at 1.75% or Endowus Cash Management Ultra at 1.7% to 1.9% p.a. Cash+ has no minimum deposit and no fees but Endowus Cash Management Ultra has a min $10K deposit for new users + a 0.05% access fee. if you're thinking in terms of which is the least risky, you can consider Stashaway Simple because it doesn't hold any short duration bond funds unlike the other two. You can check out my comparison here for more details! For withdrawal times, I think all three will need at least 3 - 5 working days. Cos they need to redeem your bonds, wait for the fund manager to transfer your proceeds to them, then transfer the funds to your bank account.


Is StashAway Simple the next best option after Singlife?
Syfe and Endowus have similar products which project 1.75% and 1.6% returns. However, of course, since these are investment products, they too are subjected to volatility and the returns may not be as advertised. Do check out the underlying funds for a better understanding of the product.


Singlife phone number changed suddenly and without permission?
Recently their customer service is horrendous, I also suddenly cannot login cause didn't receive any OTP. They took more than 5 days to reply my whatsapp message, no reply on email. For your case, let them know that u cannot log in and ask them to update your mobile number. Maybe can provide your telco bill as proof. If they don't help, make police report


If one owns both OCBC 360 & SingLife accounts. Whereby he has maxed the $10k in SingLife to receive 2.0%pa. Do you recommend him to still put an amount into SingLife account to get the 1.0%pa?
Hello :) You can consider Singtel Dash EasyEarn or Etiqa's GIGANTIQ instead. Both offer you 1.8% p.a. The main difference is for Dash EasyEarn, the min. deposit is $2,000 and the account limit for the promotional 1.8% is $20,000. For GIGANTIQ, the min. deposit is $50, but the account limit is $10,000. You can check out my comparison here: I'll personally go with Dash EasyEarn :) Hope this helps!


I want to close my OCBC 360 Account. What are the steps to take?
U can download the form online and mail it to them through snail mail. Or go down to the branch, faster and no need to print


What are the pros/cons of spreading investments across ALL/MOST robo advisors?
Doesn't make sense to me, each robo itself already very diversified with multiple etf. An etf itself is already diverisifed, a robo have many etf so it's even more diversified, if you use many robos is super duper diversiifed. Don't over do it, focus on one and let it compound better