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How to get started on interactive brokers?
Tbh you shouldn't be too concerned about taxes because the main purpose of investing in us market is capital growth, not for dividends. While ireland ones have lower dividend tax, the expense ratio might be higher. You also need to consider liquidity trading volume of the etf


How to invest for beginners? Can I use Tiger Brokers to trade with ETF or Index Funds?
Perhaps you can go through robo-advisor if your capital is not huge, like stashaway or syfe. WIll recommend equity100 for strong growth given that it's all equities. Yes you can use tiger brokers to buy index etfs like VTI, CSPX, VOO etc. Just take note that you will incur transaction fees everytime you buy or sell. Same for stocks, dollar cost average, u can buy just 1 share depending on your capital.


Is it better to invest in a fund that purely tracks S&P500 (like CSPX), or a diversified portfolio?
While CSPX is quite well diversified, you may wish to consider diversifying beyond the US to global indices. So if you're considering only between CSPX and Syfe Equity 100, I'll advise to go for the Syfe Equity 100 as it has more global exposure. Do note that Syfe Equity 100 does have higher fees than your typical index ETFs so an alterantive might be to invest in IWDA and CSPX to diversify further.


Where we see value: S&P 500 Dividend Futures

Currently offering a better risk reward compared to the S&P 500 Index in our view




12 Dec 2020

TSLA is not paying any dividends in the near future and why wouldn't other companies like TSLA that don't pay dividends not be brought in to the S&P 500 to replace other dividend paying stocks bringing down the dividend per share?
The InvestQuest
The InvestQuest

14 Dec 2020

That is a valid concern. For Tesla specifically, it will likely be the 8th largest stock on the S&P 500 with an approx 1.5% weightage within the index, so the impact will not be too big in my view. On a forward looking basis, index member rebalancing could be positive or negative but on the margin, I think the impact will not be great, since it will typically impact the smaller constituents of the index (would say that Tesla is an exception rather than the norm). On the other hand, index rebalancing might end up being positive, as companies with declining profitability (and declining ability to pay dividends) are dropped from the index in favour of companies with increasing profitability (and better ability to pay dividends).
What are the types of investment vehicle that I can utilise for SRS besides local SG stocks?
You can only access S&P500 through index fund (No ETF). you have tax relief because your money will aid singapore economy grow by either support the financial insitute or govt. Pls note that SRS rules: 1) you can only withdaw at age 62 or face 5% penalty 2) you will be tax at 50% of withdrawal, to avoid tax you must not withdraw more than $40k p.a. 3) you must withdraw everything out within 10years . Thus If your SRS grow too big (more than $400k), you will definately get tax. So is either tax now or in the future. So no need to be too concern about the fees, if your plan is to contribute regularly to SRS to avoid heavy tax now. Especially if you are young, your $$$ got lot of time to compound to exceed $400k . With that said, below is your menu: - Fixed deposits - Singapore saving Bond - Retirement plan - Endowment plan - Unit trust . - Index fund & ETFs - Lion global infinity global stock index fund - Lion global infinity US 500 stock index fund - STI ETF - Lion-phillips S-Reits - ABF singapore bond index fund - Lion ocbc hang seng tech etf . - Shares & Reits - Any share listed in sgx - plan through banks. Eg. OCBC blue chip saving plan . - Robo adviser


Hey guys can i ask if it is better for me to buy the VOO directly from Vanguard or is it better if i bought VUSA from DBS Vickers?


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Answered 1w ago

I'm not sure if we are able to buy directly from Vanguard as a Singaporean. Either ways, buying VUSA from DBS Vickers will incur large costs as well as DBS Vickers charges custodian fees for foreign stocks. Try to get a low cost custodian brokerage such as Interactive Brokers or Tiger Brokers instead to avoid the custodian fees instead!


As a beginner, how do I start investing in S&P500? Which brokerage and ETF is better?
If you want DCA method for S&P i think fundsupermart RSP is better. https://secure.fundsupermart.com/fsm/regular-savings-plan Why STI?😨


Is it a good idea to do DCA into the S&P500 using thinkorswim? Any better platforms?
User of TOS (TD ameritrade) here, but not using TOS for DCA because I cannot set standing instruction for TOS to buy every month. Need to manually key in order every time. I believe it is a good because it buys directly into the ETF. And you will be almost assured of the market price due to large volume in the market. To deposit into TOS, you can use DBS internet banking. There is a preference rate between TD and DBS, so it is better than the day's board rate. you can check daily with TD Singapore on what is their rates that day before transfer. However there are some who believes to use unit trust to hedge it back to SGD. They say it removes the exchange rates, but personally i think whatever the hedge is also priced into the UT's NAV. If you want to buy solely S&P500, you should check out those DIY platforms (dollardex, ocbc, FSM etc). I am sure dollardex does not have any platform fees; and OCBC only charges 0.88% sales charge on every buy order. Not sure about FSM or other platforms. Finally, there are robos which offers S&P500 as part of their total solution. Use robos if you want to diversify more broadly and have auto rebalance function. Because robos' fees are based on the portfolio value. in the long run, your fees will be higher with robos. Hope this helps.


Hello, which platform should I use if I want to DCA about 300 into Irish domiciled S&P 500?
Hi there! From what I know, you can do invest in Infinity U.S. 500 Stock Index Fund through POEMs, FSMOne or DollarDex. Hope this helps!


Which brokerage should I use to invest lump sum into the S&P 500 long term?
Tiger or saxo, dbs vickers and standard chartered have high commission trading fees. U want to go for one with cheaper fees cause it eats into your overall profit