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Anyone has referral for
Harry Lee

Harry Lee

Level 6. Master

Updated on 02 Nov 2020

Hi all! Interested in opening up a account? Want to register for Ruby / Jade / Icy / Obisidian to enjoy cashback? Now you can, with the CRO Visa Card: you can even get cashback on transactions like insurance premiums, education fees or even government taxes – while not having to be bother with monthly fees or minimum spend! This card is incredible to those who are interested in getting cashback on transactions previously not eligible for cashback (banks like DBS, OCBC, Standard Chartered do not offer cashback on these transactions) and given that these transactions make up a significant portion of our cash flow, you can stand a chance to rightfully take back what is yours and enjoy a 2% - 8% cashback (depending on tier)! Use the referral code down below now and get US$25 referral bonus! :) Proven track record! I have previously been honourable with these referrals and have provided a strong mandate in ensuring the trust and confidentality of this programme. While the referral code is not mine (and I don't benefit from it), I strongly implore you to use his code as he is an active member in the community in Singapore, and can answer your questions (and even be your butler LOL) with regards to these card transactions! Email: [email protected] Rap Sheet / Track Record (not referral code): Use any referral codes down below! MCO Swap Program is now effective as of 3rd Aug 2020, check out more in the comments of my post to find out how this affects you and your MCOs! PSA: I will be withdrawing my MCO / CRO referral code only from this post as of today, 17th October 2020. Any outstanding referrals who have yet to e-mail from me, please do so before the end of this year so that I can finalize and process the remaining outstanding MCO / CRO referral applications with my code. I may or may not entertain further inquiries after this date. The referral code provided here is not of mine, but rather another individual who is still within this program who I can personally vouch for. I hope that you guys can still actively support the programme by using his code to sign up for a CRO account! Please do e-mail me if there are any issues you would like to raise with the referrer!


Any referral for Interactive Brokers?

Hs P

Level 2. Rookie

Updated 3w ago

Get $200 for every friend that opens an account while they receive free IBKR stock! Reach out to me by replying to get the reward too!


Anyone has referral code for syfe or endowus?
Appreciate if you can use my SYFE promo code below as you will gain extra bonus too based on the below first deposit: Promo Code: SRPRG39TE $10 bonus for the first deposit of $500 or more ! $50 bonus for the first deposit of $10,000 or more ! $100 bonus for the first deposit to $20,000 or more ! Note: The Bonus is only applicable for the first top up and it will auto credit into your portfolio for investing !


Anyone has promotional/referral codes for Circles Life?


Level 3. Wonderkid

Updated on 09 May 2020

For Circle Life Plan Sign Up with Below Special Referral Code Use Sign Up Link: Referral Code: SUPERCODE FREE Registration Fee worth S$38 FREE UNLIMITED 4G+ DATA FREE Caller ID For Sign-Ups, Use Link: to get All the above. Circles Life Eligibility and Promo Referral Code Terms & Conditions applies and subjected to changes.


Anybody has a Sembcorp power Promo code or referral code to share?
Please feel free to use my referral code: ZJNEWZDY


Anyone has promotional/referral codes for Union Power?
Please feel free to use my referral code: LIJ78F43


Anyone has referral code for union power?
Please feel free to use my Union Power referral code: LIJ78F43


Syfe's REIT portfolio looks very good. Thinking of investing into it. Anyone has a Syfe Referral code I can use?
Referral Code: SRPRGYQJZ Promo Code: FHWAIVER Let's save on fees together. They are stackable! Remember to use BOTH codes Sign up at Referral incentive: $10 for at least $500 invested $50 for at least $10,000 invested $100 for at least $20,000 invested Promo Code incentive: New Syfe customers will have their first SGD $30,000 managed FREE for 6 months! Ps: Tried with SEEDLYWAIVER but it does not work. Hence sharing what worked for me:)


Can someone share your referral code for Union power?
Please feel free to use my referral code: LIJ78F43


Anyone with referral codes for Syfe or Endowus?
Endowus: Syfe: SRPSUYVPE