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How does the credit score system work in Singapore?
The credit report will take into account all of your credit history. Even if you cancel the student credit card, it will still appear in your credit history. However the credit rating will change according to how you use your credit i.e. new credit cards, loans etc. It may be good to show that you have a track record of being able to manage credit. As for increasing credit ratings in SG, I believe it is one aspect of your financial situation that the banks will look at. However I am not sure how much weightage it carries. (I have been rejected for a credit card application even though I have a good enough rating.)


How does the Citi Clear Card fare against the Maybank eVibes Card?
Hi Anon, I'm assuming that you're considering applying for either one of these 2 cards because you're a uni student. Both of these cards are decent for this age demographic, however, I think that the Maybank eVibes Card edges the Citi Clear Card. Here are each cards' respective perks and rewards: Citi Clear Card - 1 Point (0.4 miles) per S$1 general spend - No minimum spend requirement - S$500 credit limit - Receive S$20 cashback w/ S$50 spend in 1st month - $29.96 Annual Fee, only waived for the first year. Maybank eVibes Card - 1% unlimited cash rebate on all spend - No minimum spend requirement - S$500 credit limit - S$5 quarterly service fee waived 2 years, then with use of card at least 1x/quarter - Access to Maybank TREATS discounts & privileges - Receive Adidas wristwatch (worth S$120) on 1st charge, during 1st month - Annual Fee of $20- Waived if you use the card minimally once every three months If you're looking to accumulate miles, and refuse to look at any other cards other than these 2, then I would reluctantly say that the Citi Clear Card would be the better option for you. However, since Citipoints expire after a year, you'd be unable to meaningfully accumulate enough miles to redeem something of value, and hence I'd suggest that getting this card is rather counter-intuitive. The Maybank eVibes Card would be a better option for uni students, as the 1% cashback and no minimum spend is definitely a better option- every cent helps during the most broke period of your life hahah Hope this helps!


Wow the Maybank eVibes Card offers 1% cash rebate on all spend, so good? Are there no further exclusions (aside from the ones listed below)?
Yupe, the Maybank eVibes Card offers 1% cash rebate on all spend except to those entites that you highlighted. You can look at other cards with similar or better benefits such as Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card, Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card or Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card I make videos about interesting stuff at youtube here