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Which is the best credit card for paying insurance premium or should I use the GrabPay card instead?
Most credit cards already exclude insurance payments from any form of rewards. Insurance premiums are also excluded from earning GrabRewards points. If you have the Amex True Cashback card, and if your insurer does not support Amex, you can use the Amex card to top up your GrabPay wallet to pay for your premiums. Do note that no other consumer Amex card is eligible for points or cashback on GrabPay wallet topups. Another way is to top up your GrabPay wallet through Dash, where you will earn Dash rewards points. Always test with a small amount before you pay - top ups to Dash or GrabPay are irreversible and they are known to impose new restrictions without warning!


Does this payment flow of mine makes sense?
I don't go for chains of top-ups as I presume "top-ups" are generally excluded from earning points and rewards.


I'm currently using Grabcard for all expenses. I'm applying for multiplier CC to build my credit as it does not have a 30k income requirement. Should I cont.using Grabcard or make all payments on CC?
Hey Anon, after VISA revised the MCC for Grab a few months back, I've completely stopped using the Grabpay card. The reason being that the cashback earned from my student credit card outweigh the grab points/value of rewards. After Grab revised their rewards scheme at the start of this year, you will either earn 2 points (Member/Silver), 3 points (Gold), or 4 points (Platinum) for every dollar spent. Looking at the rewards store, the average amount of points needed to exchange for a $5 voucher is 2,500. Assuming that you're a platinum member, you'll have to spend $625 in order to accumulate sufficient points for a $5 voucher. 4 points - $1 spent 2500 points - $625 In my case, I'm using the Maybank eVibes and DBS Live Fresh student credit card which offers 1% and 0.3% (default) cashback respectively. With the eVibes card, I just need to spend $500 to get $5 cashback, as compared to $625. Not to mention, DBS occasionally has some promotions which offer higher cashback. For instance, I was getting 8% cashback on my DBS Live Fresh card for the past 2-3 months because of their "Go Online Go Contactless" Promotion. Basically, if the perks of a student credit card outweigh the grab points, I suppose an adult credit card would far outweigh the grab points even more. TL;DR Yes, CC cashback outweighs the grab points and I suggest you use your CC instead.


Why can't I add my GrabPay card as a wallet for my new MCO Visa Card?
If what you trying to say is why you can't add your GrabPay Card as a card within in the app; that's because GrabPay card is a Mastercard and Singapore happens not to be one of the countries which you can do so for Mastercard. If you use any other VISA card, that's fine.


What cards still give points or miles for topping up GrabPay? I use HSBC Advance and since Jul 20 they announced no more cashback. Any advice?
Hi JJ, Citi rewards visa (if you have it) will give 4mpd on topups. And any Visa card will still earn rewards. You may refer to for a full breakdown on what cards to use, beyond just Grabpay.


Is the 10% MCO Promo to top up grabpay still on?
Stella Tan

Stella Tan

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Answered on 15 Jul 2020



Can you earn reward points by using GrabPay to pay for non-Grab services?
If you have the GrabPay digital card or physical card, then you may use it as a pre-paid MasterCard online or in-store. Accordingly, you will earn points for your eligible spending, e.g. paying for phone bills. I share quality content on estate planning and financial planning here.


What's the best way to pay my tuition fees (NUS) to earn cashback? Does GrabPay work?


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Answered on 23 May 2020

If you are able to make payment before 1st July, HSBC cards works! After 1st July they are changing their T&Cs and will be excluding tuition fees.