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When should I use my Debit Card 1% cash back VS Grab Pay?
Hi Anon, Musyaffaq broke down the thought process behind this decision quite well. However, you may want to note that you don't have to choose between the SC Cashback debit card and GrabPay. SC Cashback debit card awards 1% cashback even on GrabPay top-ups. This means you can simply use the SC Cashback debit card to top up your GrabPay wallet, then pay for your expenses using GrabPay. This way, you will earn 1% cashback when you make the top up, and earn GrabRewards points when you spend with GrabPay. You can earn up to 1.8% cashback using this method! (1% from SC debit card + 0.8% from GrabRewards points) If you're interested in finding out more, check out this post: Hope this helps! Regards, thefrugalstudent


Which is the best credit card for paying insurance premium or should I use the GrabPay card instead?
Most credit cards already exclude insurance payments from any form of rewards. Insurance premiums are also excluded from earning GrabRewards points. If you have the Amex True Cashback card, and if your insurer does not support Amex, you can use the Amex card to top up your GrabPay wallet to pay for your premiums. Do note that no other consumer Amex card is eligible for points or cashback on GrabPay wallet topups. Another way is to top up your GrabPay wallet through Dash, where you will earn Dash rewards points. Always test with a small amount before you pay - top ups to Dash or GrabPay are irreversible and they are known to impose new restrictions without warning!


What's Next For Grab?

Learn more about Grab’s business model and future plans as its dominance in the region continues to grow.



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Am I the only one who has not grab anything yet? No grab, no grab food, no grab nothing. Anyone else? lol
John Tan

2w ago

@CH my grandma also
Grab-Singtel, SEA Group and Ant Group have won the digital bank license in Singapore. How do you feel about these two winning the license? Were they within your expectations?
I strongly believe that Sea Group will have benefit much than Singtel/Grab from the DB license:


Does topping up to prepaid accounts like Grab constitute a spend on Singlife?
Hi Anon! I have tried topping up to Grab multiple times and it does constitute a spend in SingLife. Previously, I thought it didn’t as it takes a couple of days to register as a spend in the Singlife app. Hope it helps!


How to fully utilise GrabPay for the GrabPay Power Up challenge for 5% cash back?
Can pay for your bills. I use for telco and utility bills. Can use to buy online groceries as well, like FairPrice Online. These can add up a lot depending on how big your household is. However, everytime they have this got limit to how many people can get. Need to be fast. As of now if you check, it’s fully redeemed. So can try next time hahaha 🥲


Do you think Grab implementing a $0.30 platform fee matters much to consumers?


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Answered on 13 Dec 2020

Like what Jiayee said, even with the $0.30 fee, Grab will stay the cheapest in addition to the convenience it brings us. Personally will still use grab. And since this fee will go towards giving the drivers better welfare, I believe most people would be supportive of this. As supported by a survey reported by Straits Times: 8 in 10 Singaporeans willing to pay more for essential services: Survey So to answer your questions, it won’t matter much!


My Review Of GrabInvest: More Like CashBack Rather Than Investing

GrabInvest just launched a few days ago for some early beta users, you can set it up and try now.



Was in the news recently that Gojek and Grab are closing in on a possible merger. Your thoughts on this? And wondering how much that affect us as consumers?
Personally think its a good move on Grab's part to move towards being a monopoly in the ride hailing services industry. Furthermore with its digital bank license, its a smart move to start conquering and be a dominant player in the industry. Although it would possibly mean an increase in rides for us consumers now :(