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I am quite bullish on Razer. What are your thoughts on the Razer stock? What are your favourite gaming stocks?
Hey there! I have actually did a youtube video , stock anyalysis on Razer Inc! Their financial statements does not look perfect but they claim they have a very strong balance sheet. I compared Razer to their competitors like logitech and MSI and they look like they are trading at a much attractive valuation than Razer. So these are just some facts i have pulled together and also valuation measures I did to see if Razer is a good stock to buy of not. Hope the above helps!


Will Razer be our new Best Companion?

If you think that because "I am not a Gamer = Not interested, NEXT PLEASE", you might be wrong if you do that!



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Miaolin Yu

09 Dec 2020

Hi there, could you tell me how to generate a post that can be categorised into OPINION?
Jie Sheng

Jie Sheng

10 Dec 2020

Hi Miaolin, currently the opinion feature is for established writers, organisations or even government organisations. I am honored to be able to write opinions too as a Student Ambassador.
Does Sea Group still have any further upside left?
Mr & Mrs Budget

Mr & Mrs Budget

Level 3. Wonderkid

Answered on 07 Dec 2020

We are long SE and have averaged up on SE over the past few months as we believe that they are just getting started. Other than its popular ecommerce platform, SE's gaming vertical is also a high margin business unit that is just getting started. Coupled with its ambition in the fintech space, i think SE can continue to be a multi bagger for many investors over the next 2-5 years. If you look at SE's earnings, every earnings they report very strong and impressive growth across all verticals - and they have achieved economies of scale where we expect their cost will continued to be reduced. :)


Would you invest in Razer? Recently watched the SeedlyTV episode on Razer and seems like the company has big plans. But it's still a gaming company so how seriously should we believe their plans?
Its difficult to value growth companies The assets are likely not even in the balance sheet so for many conservative value investors, they give growth companies a miss Personally, I dont know how to value assets that have not yet been bought so the track record, growth potential of the industry is very important


Which is better, secret lab or razor chair?
Secretlab and Razer has very good marketing! Instead of looking and comparing brands, you should be looking at what kind of material you would prefer on a chair. In my experience, unless you're in an air-conditioned setting, leather peels and frays badly with the weather in Singapore in 1-2 years. I actually have better experience with ergonomic mesh office chairs as they are comfortable and cooling without the problems that comes with leather. Start by looking at Herman Miller, and then based on your budget, look downwards for alternatives.


Are gaming chairs such as Secret Lab worth buying?
If you are in for the design and the extreme reclination then perhaps that is the only compelling selling point to get a gaming chair. I would much prefer to purchase chairs that are suited for comfort and ergonomics, protecting my back. You might want to consider Jiji, Ergotune, or even at the pricier end of Herman Miller if you have the propensity. I wouldn't dismiss the fact that gaming chairs like Secret Lab look darn cool hahaha. They had designs that collabs with some popular online games if I recall properly. As a gamer myself, Secret Lab is definitely compelling in terms of its design.


Should I get multiple mobile devices?
Ow Jie Liang

Ow Jie Liang

Level 6. Master

Answered on 29 Sep 2020

If you have the means, please go ahead! An idea for the work phones for me is, I do not just use it for employment work purposes but also for side hustles like small businesses and carousell. Just think of the cost benefit analysis and do it. Or, if you are unsure and would like to try this idea out at low to no cost, just go ahead first! You may never know if you end up loving this experience or finding out that having lesser devices are actually more optimal fore yourself. All the best!


What are some of the best game deals or best buys on games and gaming accessories right now?
I love checking out especially during Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales! It also allows you to check out new games in your bundle that you wouldn't have bought standalone. I have never paid full price for a game since I found out about Humble Bundle 😅 They do occasionally distribute free games too.