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What's your favourite poverty meal that you'll still eat regardless of your financial status?
Hi anonymous, I can't say that I was ever poor, because I was fortunate enough that my family did pretty okay. Even when my dad's business folded, and my mom got retrenched in her prime... I was lucky that I managed to score bursaries and scholarships to fund my own education, and eventually put myself through university. So growing up, I never experienced poverty like a lot of less fortunate Singaporeans might have had. And I'm grateful for that. However, I did live in Thailand for a while as a research assistant , back when I was still in poly. And I did it on my own dime. FYI: when I entered on a scholarship, I wasn't taking a single cent from my parents, and worked during the school holidays for pocket money. Granted, the programme and my school paid for my accommodations in a hostel as well as for my air tickets. And the research institute did give me a living allowance. But I certainly wasn't living like a king there and I wanted to make sure that whatever money I had lasted for as long as possible. Even though things in Thailand were cheaper than in Singapore, the living allowance (about THB6,000 or ~S$264) wasn't that much either. For context, if you ate at the university canteen or on the street, you'll spend about THB100 to 150 per day — this was back in 2007 - 2008. And since accommodations are taken care of, technically can survive lah... I did miss home-cooked food though (my grandma's cooking to be specific). But I can't fly her out there. So with my limited funds, I would always make sure that I have a bottle of this: ! Source: Sinhua Hock Kee Trading (S) Pte Ltd Yep. That's a bottle of Triple A Pickled Lettuce . Or if you live in a typical Chinese household, like me, then you would probably know this as cai xin. A bottle costs about S$1.50 to S$1.65 and you can easily find it in your local supermarket (or I'm guessing... any Asian supermarket worldwide). And that's something which my grandma would pair with rice porridge for a very simple lunch. ! Source: cookpad.com So that's what I did too for a cheap meal or when I missed home (and my grandma). Plain rice porridge (or jok) was super easy to find in Thailand, and was really cheap (about THB30 or S$1.32). If I'd like a little protein in my jok, I would get some pork meatballs or an egg cracked in it. And it'd only cost THB40 or S$1.77. So... what's my favourite poverty meal that I'll eat regardless of my financial status? Rice porridge with a side of cai xin ! Because it reminds me of my times as a research assistant in a sleepy university town north of Bangkok... and of my grandma.
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Do you buy the yearly CNY TOTO?
Got buy got hope, no buy no hope HAHAHAH. I actually look forward to queuing up every year during CNY, because it feels like everybody is in this together. But I only buy that one time every year.


Do you think you will ever be content with the amount of money you have?


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Answered 4w ago

I agree. But perhaps that "greediness" gives us something to work towards. Even if it is not money that is the ultimate goal, the reality of life is that money is needed to do many things and accomplish other goals. Or even to just survive (food, water, hygiene, etc.)! The problem with "being content" is that, unfortunately, expenses rarely equate to zero while you can have zero income.


Been seeing MrBeast trending on YouTube recently - "I Gave People $1,000,000 But ONLY 1 Minute To Spend It!" with 33m views in one week. How much do these YouTubers make to sustain their content?
I believe most of his money are sponsor money. As you can tell his videos go viral a lot so that’s a lot of traffic he’s able to provide to his sponsors. When he receive the money from sponsors, it’s “revenue”. And when he give away the money, it’s “expenses”. So he (or his company I should say) probably get millions in sponsorship to give away.


Which YouTubers do you guys recommend for a new investor?
👍i like 20cent ice coffee, Also follow: - Andrel jikh - Let talk money! With joseph houge. - josh tan - theAstuteParent (For SG stock)


I am quite bullish on Razer. What are your thoughts on the Razer stock? What are your favourite gaming stocks?
Hey there! I have actually did a youtube video , stock anyalysis on Razer Inc! Their financial statements does not look perfect but they claim they have a very strong balance sheet. I compared Razer to their competitors like logitech and MSI and they look like they are trading at a much attractive valuation than Razer. So these are just some facts i have pulled together and also valuation measures I did to see if Razer is a good stock to buy of not. Hope the above helps!


2020 is ending soon! 😱 What are some 2020 resolutions that you haven't achieved yet, but can still try to reach in the coming two weeks?
I'm gonna start the ball rolling ☄️ One personal finance resolution that I want to achieve before the end of 2020 would be to choose which ETFs I want to RSP into, long term (5 to 10 years?) via FSMOne. I've been putting this off for four months 😅 (Anyone has any recommendations for max $200 a month feel free to let me know HAHAHAH) Non-personal finance resolution would be to work towards being less reactive to specific situations. Currently on my self-improvement journey, I have curated a thought process for myself, to learn to take a micropause between a stimulus and my response. This is difficult to measure, but I will do my best to put this into practise! 😌 I'll check back again on 31 Dec. Wish me luck HAHAHAH 🙌


Do you spend more in December because of Christmas? Do you keep to an annual budget in general or do you make an exception?
- Set a Budget for each gift. Say $20. - attend less gift exchange event - alternative solution is to get marry & have a child. Once have a family it will become natural to cut expense😆


Which stock has stronger fundamentals in the entertainment industry, Disney or Netflix?


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Answered on 12 Dec 2020

I believe Disney has a stronger portfolio as of now. - ESPN, 20th Century Fox, Marvel, NatGeo, Pixar, abc entertainment etc.. - $18B or so content spending muscle (matching or beating Netflix as per their latest plan) But I think Netflix is being underestimated. And I doubt if a combination of Disney, Apple, HBO max can kill it off ever. Netflix has a great content pipeline, sticky platform and a mature recommendation engine in my view. Unlike other streaming platforms, they invested heavily in localized content as well. I hope they will also pivot to live sports, esports, gaming type of other categories. Overall, moving away from standard theatrical releases to streaming (like HBO max) should only strengthen Netflix further. There will be fierce competition for sure, but I see a consolidation wiping off other players with only Netflix and Disney emerging as potential winners.