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Is it a trend now that the company is trying to give you a lot of workload and make you resign yourself rather than retrench you?
To me you don't have to worry about whether there's such a trend or not. Most of the time, a company that is not expanding their manpower is due to many factors: 1. Not enough candidates in the market to hire 2. Business performance is not looking too good, can't feed too many mouths 3. Management is too busy with other stuff 4. Management is not convinced with the ROI (lower opportunity costs when hiring for other money-making departments) You have to think that constantly pulling in new resources to split the workload equates to inefficiency with the processes at one point. This also highlights scalability issues in the business. Maybe you can think of ways to automate mundane tasks or find methods to make yourself more efficient. If you have tried your damndest and you're still not getting the appreciation you need, sometimes it's best to leave "well enough" alone. There are many opportunities out there anyways. Businesses with old and inefficient process is bound to die off unless management gets a big jolt of wake-up call in time. Then again, this is the business owner's problem to worry about, not yours.


Should I sell my US Bank ETF now since bank stocks are cyclical?
Well, Adam Khoo has his reasons, but why did you buy it? What were your reasons for buying it? If you bought it as a quick trade, then yes, maybe you should take some profits, since banks tend to be quite subject to macroeconomic factors. If you bought it because you believe in the strength of the banks and their future, then you can hold it longer unless you believe that fundementally something has changed in the banks. Lastly, I think before you decide to sell, do have a plan on where you're putting your money to once you sell off this ETF. If you don't have anything in mind, you might be just letting a stack of money sit by the sidelines to miss out on returns as the market rallies.


What are some scholarships or bursaries that are easier to apply for?
Https:// I think it is similar to the previous CDC and CCC bursary. That was long time ago when I was a student. Fairly easy to get as long as grade are decent and family income is below a certain level. After all, CCC needs the mass numbers so that their presentation ceremony looks huge for various reasons. Hope this helps.


If you have $10,000 extra fund, what would you invest to growth this $10k and get the fund back in 10 years time? Especially those that will grow in value over time after post covid times?
If you're looking for hands-free investing, you can go with ETFs. The S&P 500 or the Invesco QQQ are good options with strong historical performance. Personally I think tech stocks like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft will continue to dominate over the next decade, so I'll probably go with QQQ and leave it untouched for 10 years.


If a business generates a $1000 revenue a month, deducting other costs, maybe you get a salary of $200. Does that make you a "low income person"?
Starting a business can have unlimited potential to gain (also potential of losses). You may feel like you're not earning much for starters, but once the business gains traction, you can scale the business and it will take you further. Start by asking yourself the following questions: 1. If you can survive on that salary by calculating your take home (Salary minusing off your personal spendings and debt) 2. Will the business be able to grow consistently 3. If you can sustain yourself while waiting for business to grow. E.g. alternate source of income You will know your answer if you answer the above.


Why did STI ETF surge on 8 Jan 2021?
Maybe covid vaccine news, don't think it has to do with US.


Anyone know why my Syfe portfolio is 15% DR is having negative return?
Hi anon, That's just how investing is. Just because you hand your money over to a robo advisor (any robo advisor, really) does not mean you will make money year on year. This is something that you will need to understand. The premise of automation, lower fees, etc, does not make a robo advisor immune to general market movement, black swan events, and volatility of the markets. If you are extremely concerned about a loss of 7%, then you have to evaluate your risk tolerance. Many people say they can take risk; that's all okay until the crash comes, and then the ones who can't might probably exit and run. This is a test of your personal tolerance of Mr. Market.


As a trainee with no employer-employee relationship with my traineeship company, am I considered paying as a member or self-employed for CPF e-Cashier voluntary top-up?
Hey there anon! Under the SGUnited Traineeship scheme, any CPF Voluntary contributions will be made as a non-self employed person ! Trainees are not considered to be self-employed as self-employed refers more to freelancers or sole-proprietors. You can refer to this article for more details: Hope this helps! :)


Hospitality REITs anyone? If full recovery in revenue is 2022 or 2023, is it worth the effort to look at hospitality REITs unless there are no other options or one needs to do portfolio adjustment?
In few month ago, Asccott is a recovering. Now is ascendas, and US office reit suffering. Just own all the big-mid cap reit from different sector. Any recovery or suffering just look at your portfolio. Then buy in accordingly. By the time in news, is abit late.