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US-China Tensions: What to do as an Investor?? (FINANCIAL HORSE)

Thoughts on how US-China political tensions will influence my investment decisions...

Financial Horse

Financial Horse

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Updated on 15 Dec 2020



Any suggestions for side hustle/passive income for a university student?
Hello Jovan, Congrats on finishing uni soon! Medical school somemore! Future Dr Lai here? 👌🏻😎 I would take myself for reference, currently a Year 1 biz student in NUS. My side hustle involves Freelance Photography where I do paid shoots for Grabfood/foodpanda or start ups and doing assignments for other firms, other than that, I also get passive income from stock photo sites such as Shutterstock/Getty Images/ EyeEm/ Scopio, which generates a few hundred dollar on average for me every month. Aside from photography hustle, I have my own investing blog (investingbeanstalk.wordpress.com) where I share personal finance and investment insights and from there, my Syfe referral bonus is also bringing me "passive income" but it is auto reinvested back into my Syfe portfolio. (Went up to 2k/month!) The next one would be my part time role as a student advisor under AAG where I help my friends and family do up their wealth portfolio and sometimes if the products suit their needs, I close a few cases which brings me some comissions for that month as well. The last one would be dividends from stocks! Best feeling in the world is to recieve dividends because ure rewarded for being an investor! So thats it! These are some of the passive income streams/side hustle which I have created myself which is able to bring me 1k-3k/month depending on the situation and sometimes even more (but it depends) I am thinking of expanding my passive income by creating an e-book but have yet to think of an idea, would be taking december to expand more ideas. Hope it sheds some light and give u an inspiration as to what side hustle to do. Cheers and all the best to you!


The Ministry of Finance (MOF) is inviting Singaporeans to share their views for the upcoming Budget 2021. What suggestions do you have? What are the changes that you want to see?
Axel Blasé

Axel Blasé

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Answered on 05 Dec 2020

Probably more initiatives to help middle-income families? Continued GST U-Save rebates, grocery vouchers or GST vouchers will a go a long way for those who have been badly affected by the pandemic.