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What are the aspects or basic background info and source that are reliable to study a stock to invest, any sharing on rule of thumb for newbies to bring good at investment for a living & retirement?
Hi Chloe, If you wish to invest in individual stocks, 10-Ks and 10-Qs are essential sources of information. These are essentially Annual and Quarterly reports for US companies. However, with that said (I'll be assuming you're working a 9-5, 5 days a week), as a working adult with future children, I think it might be easier (due to time constraints) to simply do index investing. This is form of investing where you invest into funds that follow certain indices. An index is a basket of companies that usually are used to represent a country's economy or a particular sector. For example the STI is used to represent Singapore's economy and the S&P 500 is often compared to the US economy. So to invest in such funds, you can take a look at: - CSPX (Irish Domiciled S&P 500 ETF) - VOO/IVV (US Domiciled S&P 500 ETF) - IWDA/VWRA (Irish Domiciled Global ETF) - VEU/VXUS (US Domiciled Global ex US ETF) If your broker allows, the Irish ones are generally preferred for lower tax on dividends but if your broker only allows US, then it is fine too, the difference is not particularly large. If you're not sure on which broker to use, you can check out my comparison here too!


For people who DCA into robos, do you still pick stocks?
Hello :) Personally, I'll choose to use robos and pick stocks at the same time. The bulk of my war chest will go to robos for long term investing. The robo portfolio will be the one I DCA into as well to grow my money for the next 10+ years. I see picking stocks as a chance to "huat". Since I'm not putting too much money there, my losses if my stock picks don't do well are limited. But if I can pick the right stocks at the right time, then I'll get to enjoy the extra upside. Honestly, I don't have that much time to monitor stocks everyday, so I prefer just buying a few every now and then. Hope this helps :)


Does it make sense to DCA into stocks?
Yes whenever there is a market discount. If you believe in the company, can dca up also cause high can go higher.


How do I start improving my financial literacy?
Hi, I think there are quite a few good resources online to improve your financial literacy. Some good ones are: If you want to learn more about investing as a beginner, you can check out a post I wrote here and if you need help selecting your first broker, check out a comparison I did here!


What is the difference between P/L Open and Unrealised P&L?
Hi there! Kudos on getting invested during this exciting period! Theoratically-wise, it means the same. However, different platforms uses different terminologies. Some shows P/L Day - which as the name suggests shows the P/L for the day. Some P/L may refer to the entire portfolio, some may only refer to individual stocks. Thus it really depends on individual brokers and what are the values that accompany these terms to identify the context these terms are being used.


How To Select Stocks - The Warren Buffett Way

Buffett's Checklist for Picking Stocks



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Josef Lee
Josef Lee

3w ago

Great checklist @Tess Ang!
Tess Ang
Tess Ang

2w ago

Thanks @Josef!
I was approached by my Financial Planner friend to buy AXA Pulsar (ILP). I’m a beginner to investing. Any advise on this if it’s a good investment option. Or will unit trust be a better alternative ?
Stay away. Financially these hybrid plans never work out. Your 'friend' should have known better. 1+1=2 How to burn your dear money, you can listen to here:


I'm strategizing a core and satellite ETF portfolio for retirement. I plan to hold and buy long-term (15 yrs) for the core part. However, does it make sense to do the same for the satellite part?
Satellite normally mid-short term investment. Normally 3-6mth to 1+years. once it hit your target price. But personally, i think hard to actually do it for me. Once i bought, the stock do so well, i just put it there, then it become my core😆. Unless i found another better satellite to put the money


What is an easy way to find out US ETFs Ireland-domiciled equivalents?
Https:// This link should be helpful.