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Apple as in the tech giant and not the fruit :-)


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Is Apple or every Dow Jones stock a better buy?
In my opinion, a diversified index ETF will be a lot better than solely investing in Apple. By diversifying, you will be able to reduce concentration risk significantly. Index investing will probably be the best for most investors.


Apple is teaming up with the Health Promotion Board where Singaporeans can earn up to $380 worth of HPB vouchers. Haha anyone getting an apple watch and see this as a right reason to?
Ember Sh-en

Ember Sh-en

Level 5. Genius

Updated on 10 Nov 2020

Nope. An Apple Watch is really quite expensive. And it can crack easily. In fact I only use it for paying mrt rides, and the time, cause I don’t exercise.


What to do with old iPhones?
Daniel Kok

Daniel Kok

Level 7. Grand Master

Answered on 09 Nov 2020

Sell on carousell or keep it as spare phones in case new ones spoil! :)


It seems like there is a social norm where people who use apple products are more prestigious, while those on android are cheapos. what are your thoughts?
Justin Kieran Ong

Justin Kieran Ong

Level 6. Master

Answered on 06 Nov 2020

It's all branding. Like how most people think diamonds are the rarest/best gemstones especially for engagement rings cause of de beers. Would you say that Samsung is not a prestigious brand? Especially their galaxy s and note lines? In my opinion, apple is one of the most user friendly but only if you're into their ecosystem. Otherwise I prefer the customizability of android.


Would you buy Apple's iPhone 12? Assuming you are an Apple user, why or why not?

Shaun WQ Lim

Level 8. Wizard

Answered on 28 Oct 2020

IPX user here. Phone still works well so not necessary to upgrade at this time. That’s my POV.


Would you switch to Apple just for Apple watch?
Is Apple watch the only product that can meet your needs? If yes, then yes. If no, then no.