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If I have to pick between getting a HDB loan versus a bank loan to pay for my flat, which is a better loan to take?
Currently, bank loan interest rates are low (about 1.3 per cent is possible), and is likely to stay low in the near future as the Covid-19 recover takes place. If my goal were to sell my flat in five years, I'd take advantage of the bank's lower rates. If you're staying for the long term though, well there's no guarantee the bank loans will still be so cheap 10 or 15 years down the road.


Should I wait 5-7 years for a BTO? Resale in between then? EC/Condo after 7 years?
If you can wait, go for bto. If you can't wait, go for sbf. Otherwise, go for resale hdb. If you can afford, then go for EC that's going to be ready soon


I have shortlisted Parc Komo (Changi) and Parc Central (Tampines). Which one would make a better investment and place to stay?
Oh Jin Kai

Oh Jin Kai

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Answered on 01 Dec 2020

Let me know if you’d made your decision! I’m doing properties, do drop me a message if you’d want a quote (=


Is High Park Residence still worth buying?
While the first owners of High Park Residences have captured a lot of profits, at its current price point, it’s still pretty decent for a development that’s just outside the LRT and has full-fledged condo facilities. In addition, the maintenance cost is quite low here given the large number of units. Moving forward, there’s also potential for growth - the Land Transport Master Plan 2040 indicated a feasibility study for having an MRT line supplement the transport network in the north and northeast region. Moreover, the Punggol Digital District could also help inject resale demand for the area.


Under MCPS scheme, up to 30% of BTO units in a new launch will be reserved for these applicants. How do I know, if currently out of the 30%, how many has been taken up so far?
Hey there! Unfortunately, there’s no way to know this as it does not show which units are reserved. Under the priority scheme, you’ll just have a better chance to select a flat.


What is procedure if I sold my resale 4-rm with bank loan, and bought a around BTO 4-rm around 480k what is the cash i need?
Hey! You’ll need to have sufficient amount of cash to pay off the stamp duties, lawyer fees etc first. Beyond that, it’s just a matter of whether you take a HDB or bank loan for your BTO. If you’re taking an HDB loan, you can use CPF fo the 10% downpayment. If it’s a bank loan, you’ll need at least 5% in cash for the downpayment, and the remaining 20% in cash/CPF 👌


HDB vs Bank loan, which option do you recommend for first time flat buyer given the interest is low now. What are the consideration and which option will you steer towards and in what scenario?
Hey! Whether to take a HDB or bank loan would depend on 2 things. 1) Stability and 2) Ability to meet the down payment . HDB loans are more stable given the interest rates do not change much as they are pegged to the prevailing CPF rates. You’ll also only need to put down 10% in cash or CPF for an HDB loan. Bank loans tend to have more volatile interest rates, even with fixed-rate ones as they are revised from time to time at a higher frequency than the rate on HDB loans. You’ll also need to put down 5% in cash and 20% in cash/CPF, tying up your capital which could be better spent elsewhere. So the decision is really based on the two points above - that's something you'll have to decide on. You can read a more in-depth look into this here. Thanks!


What specifics to look out for when buying a resales HDB? I am looking for a place in mature area to stay and the flats are in general old and costly. I do want to sell it for a profit?
Hey! You should think carefully about your priorities first: size, location and age. Of all the types of properties out there, resale HDBs have the least chance of appreciating given it’s both restrictive and would’ve been purchased at market price. Even more so when the HDB is old as the lease decay accelerates the older it is. You shouldn’t expect an old HDB to be profitable unless the tide lifts all boats like in 2007-13 I’m afraid. If you had to buy an old one, I would look for one with constantly high demand like those close to the MRT, otherwise you’ll be holding onto an old HDB where buyers would only purchase if the price is low. I actually wrote an article in detail before on finding HDBs that would hold its value here . Hope it helps!