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Create, publish, and host your content on Seedly

Whether it's...

  • a daily journal so that the community can help you keep your finances/savings/investment habits in check
  • a personal experience (both good and bad) you had on your personal finance journey
  • a detailed analysis of why you think a particular cryptocurrency or stock is worth owning or why BTIR is flawed
  • a poem where you muse about why there's more to retirement than just money
  • a comic you created using simple software or hand-drawn to perfection
  • an amusing short story where you share some profound lesson about managing your money
  • an opinion about a fiscal policy that needs to be heard

Welcome to Seedly.

As a community platform that connects you with a like-minded audience of 2.2 million readers (and growing), you'll have the opportunity to write about what matters to you and share your opinion with a community that cares about what you have to say.

Top 10 Seedly Opinion Writers (Jul 2022)

Here're the top Seedly Opinion writers for the month (based on the highest views; listed in alphabetical order)

Check out their Seedly profiles to find out what they're actively discussing and publishing in the Seedly community!

  1. Bobby Lee
  2. YJ
  3. Redbrick Mortgage Advisory
  4. Tan Chong Hwee
  5. Ivan Guan
  6. Joey Koh
  7. Lin Yun Heng
  8. Learn To Invest
  9. Finance Opti
  10. The Smart Investor

How Do I Get Published On Seedly?

Publishing your Opinions is a community feature and unique Seedly Reward that is ONLY accessible to active Seedly members.

If you're onboarded as a Seedly Opinion writer, you'll get access to a text editor that looks like this:

And you'll be able to publish and share YOUR personal finance-related stories and content directly on the Seedly community home feed:

Whether you're...

  • an aspiring creator who is thinking about starting or creating personal finance, money, or investment-related content
  • an average Singaporean with a 9-to-5 job, 2 kids, 3 cats, 4 dogs, and 5 hamsters
  • an experienced personal finance/financial/investment blogger with your own brand, blog or website

It doesn't matter how noob, simple, contrarian, cheem, or obscure you believe your opinions or perspectives are.

As long as you have something to say about anything related to personal finance, Seedly is the platform for you to create, publish, and host your content FOR FREE!

No need to fuss around with complicated content management sites.

And no need to stress about finding an audience that is interested in what you're creating.

Sounds Great! How Do I Become A Seedly Opinion Writer?

First, create a FREE Seedly account.

Start contributing to the Seedly community to get to at least the trillionaire tier.

Next, sign up here.

Note: the Seedly team will review all applications and if you're suitable, we'll reach out to you!

So... What Can I Write On Seedly?

Seedly is a platform for you to share your personal finance and money-related ideas, thoughts, and experiences.

So your Opinion could be in the form of:

  • A daily journal to keep yourself accountable for your finances/savings/investment habits
  • A personal experience you had on your personal finance/investing journey (the community is interested in both the good and bad!)
  • Alternative content which is personal finance-related (e.g. poems, comics, short stories, memes)
  • Commentary on personal finance-related news, studies, articles, books you've read
  • Detailed analysis of companies, stocks, or any financial instrument
  • Research pieces, investment frameworks, knowledge-heavy insights
  • Quick thoughts or a lengthy opinion about why something would or wouldn't work (e.g. fiscal policies, taxes, CPF)

The possibilities are endless.

Most importantly, it's YOUR opinion and perspective, so that means that your content doesn't have to go through the Seedly team at all.

Just write, publish, and you're all set.

P.S. even though your Seedly Opinions are yours, they should still adhere to our community guidelines.

How Do I Start Writing On Seedly?

Once you get access to this community feature, simply log in to your Seedly account and head over to the Seedly community home feed.

Click on the "Post Opinion" button and you'll be greeted with a text editor that'll allow you to craft your Opinions.

Tag the relevant topic tags (eg. REITs, CPF, Investments) so that Seedly community members who are following that topic tag will see your Opinions in their feed. And remember to include an attractive cover image to attract readers — it could be as complex or as simple as you'd like.

How Can I Grow My Audience With Seedly?

Besides giving you access to thousands of Seedly community members, there are many ways to build your audience on Seedly and beyond.

1. Share and bookmark your Opinions

To share your opinions on social media, simply click on the share icon.

Alternatively, all Seedly Opinions have their own unique and shareable URL.

If Seedly community users really like your content, they'll also be able to bookmark your Opinions!

2. Engage with other Seedly community members in the "Comments" section of your Opinions 

Some readers might have questions, perspectives, and sometimes even words of appreciation for you.

Engage with the community and grow a following.

3. Leverage on the Seedly community's discussions

The Seedly community is teeming with discussions. So jump in, share your perspectives, and build thought leadership.

If you find that you have previously written Opinions that answer a question or can provide an interesting perspective, provide context and drop a link back to your Opinions so that other community members can benefit from what you have shared previously.

4. Create quality content

The Seedly team regularly reviews Opinions published on the platform. From time to time, we might select those that meet our distribution standards and exhibit a high level of quality for additional distribution via Seedly's social media channels, newsletters, and more.

P.S. a wider distribution means a larger audience for your content.

How Do I Know If People Like My Opinions?

Each of your published Seedly Opinions has a view count, comment count, and an upvote count.

These will help you better understand what the Seedly community and your readers like.

What Do I Do With My Seedly Profile?

As a Seedly Opinions writer, you'll want to brand your Seedly profile and make it yours.

Go to your "Profile" and include information like your byline under "About Me", your credentials, as well as any social links (eg. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn).

The more complete it is, the easier it is for readers to remember your Seedly profile and for them to know how to connect with you.

[CLOSED] Campaign: The Seedly Partner Programme [CLOSED]

From 1 February to 31 March 2021, you'll be paid $10 for every 1,000 quality views which you get on each Seedly Opinions you create!

Campaign Period

  • From 1 February to 31 March 2021, 11:59pm


  • Create original content — your writing and the images you feature should be your own or used with permission and/or proper citation
  • Focus on quality over clickbait — Seedly community readers are pretty perceptive and we ALWAYS take the community's feedback seriously
  • All Seedly Opinions will be monitored and moderated by the Seedly team; we reserve the right to remove or disqualify any Opinions which go against the community guidelines (FYI: we'll know if you're using bots to game the system!)
  • You can submit as many Opinions as you want during the campaign period
  • Only Opinions published during the campaign period will be taken into consideration
  • Your view count tally will be rounded down to the nearest 1,000 (eg. if you accumulated 3,999 views on one Opinions, you'll receive $30)
  • All partners who have been given access to Seedly Opinions are eligible for this campaign except: ministries, governmental units, statutory boards, departments, and agencies; as well as fund management companies, fund houses, and fund managers
  • Your total tally of eligible Opinions, amount of views garnered on eligible Opinions, as well as how much you will receive, will be tabulated by the end of the campaign
  • You will be notified via email after the campaign end date and time for more details needed to receive your payment

FAQ, Guidelines, Terms & Conditions