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7 reviews
MSIG TravelEasy
I used to buy my travel insurance from NTUC Income because it seems to be the cheapest in the market. However I started switching to MSIG when I realise the price can be quite comparable/competitive when they offer a discount (they offer discount quite frequently). What I find specifically superior about MSIG's coverage is that baggage delay can be claimed in blocks of 6 hours when most insurers cover in blocks of 8 hours. This proved to be of value to me when I found myself experiencing a 36 hours delay in my baggage when taking MAS to Seoul. When I first arrived at Incheon Airport and found out that my lugguage was still stuck at KL airport during the stopover, I called the MSIG travel insurance helpdesk and the customer service officer was very patient to assure me of my coverage and also explain to me what I need to do in order to smoothen my claim process. He informed me that I should secure a delivery receipt with date/time stamp when receiving my luggage from MAS. I tried to do this but MAS was incompetent in providing this information despite several calls and emails to them during and after the trip. With no choice I wrote to MSIG to explain to them my poor experience with MAS and how I am unable to secure evidence of how long my delay was. MSIG to my surprise and delight, not only responded to me quickly (within a week) but decided to give me benefit of the doubt and paid out to me maximum claim for the delay ($900 x 3 pax = $2.7k). I cannot remember exactly how long it took to receive the payout in my bank account but my impression was it didn't take long. Due to this pleasant experience (albeit unpleasant travel experience) with MSIG, I highly recommend everyone to consider buying from them too. [For the sake of comparison: MAS eventually responded to me after several threats made including on social media but only after I received my payout from MSIG. What a disparity in service between the two!]
6 reviews
FWD Travel
I have been buying FWD for the past 2 years due to the good customer service and the fast claim process given by the staff. Pro: (1) Ease to purchase (2) V good customer service (3) Fast claim (I received most of my claims within 5 days!) (4) They are one of the FEW insurance companies that let you claim for TCM and chiropractor session. (5) Clear and straightforward policy wordings Cons: I really can't think of any. As per other insurance policies, you have to read the wordings. I have 2 memorable incidents with FWD. (1) I was on a solo backpacking trip in Vietnam when I had a high fever which requires me to admit to the hospital. Being worried about the cost, I called FWD for help (emergency call is claimable). The staff rest assured me that it is claimable and even help me research the nearest hospital nearby my hotel. When I reached back Singapore, the staff even make a follow up call and asked me to see a doctor to follow up - telling me it is claimable (seriously, which insurance co. will even do that to their customer?). I received the claim of $1k+ within 5 days. (2) I bought an annual travel insurance with FWD due to their ongoing promotion. However, prior to that, I have purchased a group insurance (for 3 people) which I applied a 28% promo code for. I told FWD about this incident which they allow me to cancel but have to repurchase the new travel insurance for the 2 people. However, the 28% promo code has already expired by then. Guess what? The staff told me that she will inform her marketing team. The next day, she told me that the marketing team has reput up the 28% promo code for ONE day on their website just for ONE customer. Seriously, which insurance co. will even do that extend to their customer? (Pro tip: You can earn cashback by using shopback BUT it may not allow you to use any discount coupons. So, do calculate which one is most beneficial for you first before using the discount/cashback :) )
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