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    FSM Maps is a digital portfolio of both active and passive funds, charges a low 0.5% advisory fee, and is very accessible for a small capital to start and taps on the expertise of the biggest fund distributor platform in Singapore iFast (as they're the parent company). If you're looking for not a pure passive approach as most other robos provide, this platform is for you.
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About FSM Maps
OperationsB2C Division of iFAST Financial Pte Ltd (regulated by MAS)
MethodologyValuation Driven Approach and Diversified Portfolios
Fees0.5% of total invested per year + fund fees
Minimum$5,000 to start


FSM MAPS aims to help customers benefit from the growth in the investment markets without the hassle of manual planning and monitoring. FSM MAPS is an online Managed Portfolio Services that builds, monitors and balances your portfolio for you continually.

How It Works

FSM MAPS offers Lump Sum Investments and Regular Savings Plan.

FSM MAPS Product Selection Process

Product Evaluation:

  • Assess each proposed security and product
  • Absolute and relative performance
  • Risk metrics assessment

Selection Process:

  • Review and approval by the Investment Committee

Ongoing monitoring:

  • Regular communication with a fund manager, performance review, re-evaluation

FSM MAPS Fund Research & Evaluation Process

  • Adaptability to market events, changes in strategy and fund flow management
  • Involvement of an Investment team
  • Performance will be monitored with magnitude and consistency and will also involve risk metrics assessment

FSM MAPS caters to different kinds of portfolios, such as:

  • MAPS Conservative (Income)
  • MAPS Moderately Conservative (Income)
  • MAPS Balanced (Income)
  • MAPS Moderately Aggressive (Income)
  • MAPS Aggressive (Income)

Each portfolio has different Investment Objectives and Key Features.

FSM MAPS Fee Structure

The following are fees for SGX, for more info, you can check this page.

  • ETFs For Each Buy/Sell Order: 0.08%
  • Stocks For Each Buy/Sell Order: 0.08%
  • Corporate Action: No Charges
  • Dividend Handling Fee: USD 3 of gross dividend (applicable on US based ETF/Stocks)

Management Fee (per annum): Conservative Portfolio 0.35% per annum, All Other Portfolios 0.50% per annum

Other Charges Incurred by Singapore Exchange (SGX)

Stocks & ETFs

  • Clearing Fee: 0.0325% on contract value
  • Trading Fee: 0.0075% on contract value
  • GST: 7% on each item (applicable to commission and fees)

Daily Leveraged Certificates and Structured Warrant

  • Clearing Fee: 0.004% on contract value
  • Trading Fee: 0.001% on contract value
  • GST: 7% on each item (applicable to commission and fees)

FSM MAPS Contact Info

You can visit FSM MAPS’s website here and FAQ here.