Sunseap-One Fixed 24m - Seedly
Sunseap-One Fixed 24m
$65.67 per mth (w GST)
Based on 370kwh


Sunseap-One Fixed 24m

Fixed rate of 17.75c/kwh







*Estimated Monthly Bill incl GST
Enjoy These Deals
  • Credit Card Deals
    - Up to $40 bill rebate with UOB credit card for recurring bill payment (valid until 30th September 2019, applicable only to new sign ups)
  • Promotions
    - $60 off first month's bill using promo code SUNSEAPSV3 (valid till 31st July 2019, available only to new sign ups).
Product Features
  • Self Service Portal
    Pay, manage and track you bills and activities online.
  • Solar Energy
    Go eco friendly with solar powered electricity.
  • Mobile Tracking
    Manage your bills on the go.
  • Same SP Bill
  • Require Smart Meter
What Others are Saying
  • Posted 2w ago


    Sunseap-One Fixed 24m

    I had no issues with Sunseap for problems like overcharging that everyone else is complaining. The only issue i have with them is that strange billing method of combining 2 mths into one bill at times, making it difficult to track monthly usage and I think its the reason it gives impression of overcharging. It also needs to improve on its payment experience as i find it a hassle to pay their bills
  • Updated on 16 Oct 2019
    Sunseap has the best price in terms of the entire package. Signed a 6 months, not the lowest rate but with the $30 rebates. Its much cheaper overall than other energy companies which dont provide rebates
  • Updated on 16 Oct 2019
    Chose Sunseap as they were giving the highest discount off tariff(DOT) short term 6 months plan back in December 2018 as I expected the SP tariff to fall. In May 2019, realized fixed plans prices did not match the fall in SP tariff dropped(did not reduce by the same extent) so I opted to renew my contract with Sunseap by going for 24 months fixed rate of $0.1775/kWh. Supported Sunseap as they are a local SG solar company with big plans for Asia: my way of helping them achieve their goals. 1% solar energy may seem like a small bit, but if everyone does it, it can go a long way:)
Hidden Fees & Charges
  • Late Payment Fee

    1.5% per mth of total outstanding.

  • Security Deposit


  • Early Termination Charges

    Calculated as Termination rate x Remaining months in contract.

    Termination rate:
    - HDB 1/2 Rm = $15
    - HDB 3 Rm = $20
    - HDB 4 Rm = $25
    - HDB 5 Rm/Executive = $30
    - Condo = $40
    - Terrace = $50
    - Semi-Detached = $70
    - Bungalow = $80

  • Paper Invoice

    Do not provide, you may request for paper bill at $1.60/mth.

  • Other Charges

    - Charged by SP Group and other relevant authorities (e.g. special meter read, SP Group account closure charges)