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Life Insurance/Singlife Insurance
Life Insurance/Singlife Insurance
9 reviews


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Singlife Insurance Review 2020

Singlife Insurance offers 4 types of insurance schemes: Term Life, Direct Term, Critical Illness, and Endowment. Read more about each plan below

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Reviews (9)


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  • Updated on 31 Aug 2020
    Easy to understand what is needed as they explain and straightforward application process in applying what you need. Currently, there is a 20% discount too if you are cover8ing yourself for more than $410k for term life
  • Updated on 08 Jul 2020
    I signed up for Singlife for the 2.5% interest and overall it was fuse free. The ability to transfer funds in and out was also stress free. At 2.5 % it is the best place to park funds without any additional requirements The only draw back is the support is slightly slow on WhatsApp and email. Highly recommended
  • Updated on 04 Jul 2020
    [Purchase Process] I have 2 policies with Singlife: (1) DPI term life - Based on Compare first, their DPI is the cheapest as compared to the other insurers. (2) Mutli-claim Critical Illness Plan Pros: It is a competitive product in the market. While comparing the prices, Singlife is hands down one of the cheapest in the market for the critical illness plans. Also, what I live about their plan is that there is this special condition rider which covers additional 11 conditions on top of the normal plans. THis condition includes common illness such as dengue which is quite common in Singapore due to our humid weather. As such, I really like how I have additional breadth coverages in term of more illness being cover. Cons: One small cons as compared to the other insurer will be that their multi-claim critical illness has a 1 year waiting period (whereas Aviva has no waiting period). But with the price being 40% cheaper (based on my selection sum assured, DOB and gender), I guess I am happy to leave that feature out.

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    JianHao Soo
    JianHao Soo

    13 Jul 2020

    Hi, it is call special condition rider as part of the multi claim CI policy. You can see the type of conditions covered when you ask for a quotation.

    4d ago

    Hi Jian Hao, is this the plan you purchased? --- SingLife Term Life Series 3 with Disability Advance Rider Series, Critical Illness Advance Rider Series and Early Critical Illness Advance Rider Series
  • Updated on 16 Jun 2020
    I recently bought the Multi-Claim plan from Singlife. The purchase process was fuss-free. Got to the end of the journey within 20 minutes. Questions were easy to understand. The sign up process through MyInfo was also fast. Would definitely recommend them if you roughly know what you want already and looking to buy. Got covered instantly after i paid my premiums. Really great that they offer paynow also, the confirmation of receipt was instant. [Purchase Process]
  • Updated on 18 Feb 2020
    New innovative insurer with focus on good customer experience compared to older established insurance companies. <Products> At par with other companies but competitive pricing due to online sales channel. For self directed policyholders but if you can work through without adviser - good deals availables (due note they run promos often so make sure watch for best time to buy) <Sing Life Account> Was announced in FinTech festival in November 2019 but not for General Availability and using waitlist approach. Waitlist clearing take a while (took about 2 months for me). Product itself is quite strong though as a minimalist high interest rainy day fund (2.5% interest for first 10k; no lock in) <Onboarding> Can apply after clearning waitlist (just suddenly get SMS one day) - you can only do through app. Had some troubles with app not functioning well at start but customer service is quite responsive. Did take a couple of rounds with CS and onboarding took a few days <Funding and Withdrawals> After initial onboarding - funding is quite smooth (get DBS FAST virtual account numbers; send to there and recognized immediately). app is spartan/minimalist style and very clean and to the ponit. Basically one real screen with account balance and daily MTD interest update. Withdrawal needs a bound self-named account - everything is done through the app and setup is instant and withdrawals happen via FAST (that is, within a few seconds). It's rare, but I gotta say I am impressed with this aspect! <Visa card> Sing Life offer Visa card as another way to withdraw from account. TAT for sending is 9-12 *business* days - even waiting out the very long TAT period, didn't receive and needed to poke CS before card arrived a week later (total 3.5 weeks!). Usage wise - contactless was fine but could not see in the app anywhere to set PIN; so could be a problem for insert-and-PIN transactions (particularly in Aus/EU where it sometimes is mandatory). Given the ease for funding/withdrawal and lack of rewards/benefit from spend on this card - its more of a gimmick feature but nice to have <Overall> Strong product. Good focus on customer experience but some initial teething problems with app - still would use as expect Sing Life would get better over time. Good high interest rate product that is protected by Govt policyholder schemes, I use within my stable of products.
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    25 Feb 2020

    Hey Kelly, thank you for choosing Singlife! We appreciate your review. Congratulations, you have been selected as one of the winners for the Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2020 Ticket Giveaway! Kindly send your name and email tied to your Seedly account to [email protected] for verification purposes with the following subject: SeedlyPFF2020_YourName. Once we’ve received your email, you’re deemed to have given consent to Singlife for the disclosure of the said details to Seedly for validation purposes. Thanks again, we'll be looking forward to hearing from you!
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About Singlife

Singlife is a homegrown wealth technology company in Singapore, the first since 1970 to be licensed as a life insurance company by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The company offers digitally-enabled financial services that create a connected consumer financial journey and interface to manage, grow, and protect the wealth and financial well-being of its customers.

Singlife is backed by leading insurance, wealth management, and financial services companies including Sumitomo Life, Aflac Incorporated, Aberdeen Standard Investments, and IPGL (Holdings) Limited, standing as one of the top funded homegrown fintech companies in Singapore. It was most recently listed as one of “The World’s 100 Leading Fintech Innovators in 2018” by KPMG.


What Singlife Offers:

Singlife’s products can be purchased directly online or through one of their third-party Financial Advisory Firms. To view the list of distribution partners, click here.

Term Life Insurance Plans

1) Term Life

Sum Assured: S$410,000 to S$5mil (up to S$2m non-medical limit)

Term Duration: Between 1 year till up to age 99

Riders: Accelerated Critical Illness, Accelerated Total and Permanent Disability


2) DIRECT-Term 

Sum Assured: S$50,000 to S$410,000

Term Duration: 5 years, 20 years or up to age 65

Rider: Accelerated DIRECT-Critical Illness


3) Critical Illness

A plan you can custom to tailor fit your protection needs, providing financial cover for up to S$300,000.

There are 3 types of base plans:

  • Critical Illness Plan
  • Multi-claim Critical Illness Plan
  • Step-up Critical Illness Plan

4) Endowment

Guaranteed returns of 2.25% p.a. for a 3 year plan & 2.38% p.a. for a 5 year plan. Invest between $5,000 to S$500,000. Available for a limited time only.